Top 10 similar words or synonyms for hlen

htype    0.803468

plen    0.715624

ehdr    0.667617

udhl    0.666859

messagelength    0.664401

datalength    0.650311

chaddr    0.646625

addressis    0.642909

lengththe    0.641117

byteslength    0.639563

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Article Example
PBKDF2 Each "hLen"-bit block T of derived key DK, is computed as follows:
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Below is an example. HTYPE is set to 1 to specify that the medium used is ethernet, HLEN is set to 6 because an ethernet address (MAC address) is 6 octets long. The CHADDR is set to the MAC address used by the client. Some options are set as well.