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vordere    0.902396

hinterer    0.874280

tannheim    0.864518

mittelberg    0.841970

lermoos    0.840389

pfaffenberg    0.832647

gladenbach    0.827527

leissigen    0.827109

zillertal    0.826783

hainich    0.826491

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Hintere Ölgrubenspitze The Hintere Ölgrubenspitze is a mountain in the Kaunergrat group of the Ötztal Alps.
Hintere Eggenspitze The Hintere Eggenspitze (; ) is a mountain in the Ortler Alps on the border between South Tyrol and Trentino, Italy.
Hintere Brandjochspitze The summit may be reached in 20 minutes from the Vordere Brandjochspitze at climbing grade UIAA I through a gully left of the arête. A more difficult route runs along the western arête (grade III-) from the Hohe Warte. Other routes along the northern "Hippengrat" (UIAA IV) from the "Hippenspitze" () and from the northwest (UIAA IV) are rarely used.
Hintere Brandjochspitze The Hintere Brandjochspitze () is a summit roughly 200 metres northwest of the Vordere Brandjochspitze in the Nordkette range above Innsbruck. It rises above its "forward" neighbour by around 40 metres.
Hintere Schwärze Hintere Schwärze (; ) is a mountain on the border between Austria and Italy. At , it is the fourth highest peak in the Ötztal Alps.
Hintere Schöntaufspitze The Hintere Schöntaufspitze is a mountain in the Ortler Alps in South Tyrol, Italy.
Hintere Breg Hintere Breg is a river of Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
Hintere Bachofenspitze The Hintere Bachofenspitze in the Karwendel mountains of Tyrol is high and forms the northernmost point of the parish of Thaur in the Inn Valley. Since the erection of a summit cross, that was set up in October 2003 by Franz Brunner and Fritz Gostner, this summit has enjoyed growing popularity.
Hintere Bachofenspitze The Hintere Bachofenspitze in the second Karwendel mountain chain, known as the Gleirsch-Halltal Chain, separates the Gleirsch chain ("Gleirschkette") in the west from the Hall Valley chain ("Halltalkette") in the east. It is also the northernmost peak of the linking ridge ("Verbindungsgrat") which runs over the Rosskopf south to the Stempeljochspitzen joining up with the Inn Valley chain. The north face of the Hintere Bachofenspitze drops 700 metres to the small Gschnierkopf in the upper Hinterau valley.
Hintere Bachofenspitze The easiest and shortest way to reach the summit is on the marked path from the Pfeis Hut through the Sonntagskar to the southwest. Even the route through the rock barrier of the upper section is well marked and equipped with some iron steps (UIAA II). Another route runs from the "Wilde Band Steig" in the southeast through the pathless Bachofenkar. At the back of the kar, climb through a rubbly gully north up to the gap between the summits of the Vordere and Hinterer Bachofenspitze. From here the summit is reached, either along the ridge or just below it to the west (Grade I). In addition, the peak may be gained by crossing the ridge either from the Sonntagkarspitze (III), from the Haller Rosskopf (II) or the Großer Lafatscher (II).