Top 10 similar words or synonyms for hindmarginal

submarginal    0.805938

antemedian    0.795135

postmedian    0.782770

postdiscal    0.778566

subbasal    0.771397

lunular    0.764749

postmedial    0.762649

subdorsal    0.759777

lunulate    0.756553

discocellular    0.755591

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for hindmarginal

Article Example
Parnassius delphius Discal markings dull, submarginal band of forewing distinct, hindmarginal spot absent as a rule; ocelli of hindwing bright carmine, hindmarginal spots black, blackish hindmarginal area broad, two bluish-black anal spots, a faint submarginal and narrow marginal band.
Thysiarcha ecclesiastis The wingspan is about 66 mm. The forewings are shining white with a narrow coppery hindmarginal fascia, forming alternate purple and golden spots. The hindwings are shining white with a narrow coppery-purplish hindmarginal fascia.
Parnassius cardinal below large red basal spots and a red-centred hindmarginal spot.
Tylostega photias The wingspan is 20-21 mm. The forewings are fuscous, the inner margin suffused with ochreous towards the middle. There is a suffused pale ochreous streak along the costa. The lines are dark fuscous, forming blackish spots on the costa. There is a blackish discal mark and a blackish hindmarginal streak, including a series of whitish dots. The hindwings are whitish with a fuscous base. There is a broad, rather dark fuscous hindmarginal band, the anterior edge suffused with ochreous. There is also a fuscous mark in the disc near and before this, as well as a hindmarginal series of connected white dots.
Myriostephes haplodes The wingspan is about 23 mm. The forewings are greenish-grey, irrorated with white. There is a narrow white costal streak, margined beneath with fuscous-reddish. The remaining lines are very obscure and white. There is a small fuscous dot beneath the costa at one-third and a transverse linear fuscous discal spot, as well as a white hindmarginal streak, terminated by a fuscous-reddish hindmarginal line. The hindwings have the same colour as the forewings.
Scoparia apheles The wingspan is about 31 mm. The forewings are light brownish-ochreous with a hindmarginal row of black dots. The hindwings are ochreous-whitish. Adults have been recorded on wing in January.
Metallarcha achoeusalis The markings of the forewings are similar to "Metallarcha eurychrysa", but the pale yellow is replaced by deep orange. The hindwings are deep orange, with a dark fuscous hindmarginal band.
Cryptophasa leucadelpha The wingspan is 41-46 mm. Adults are similar to "Cryptophasa irrorata", but the abdomen is grey-whitish and the hindwings are white, with moderately broad suffused fuscous hindmarginal fascia not reaching the anal angle.
Lichenaula petulans The wingspan is 13-18 mm. The forewings are slaty grey with silver specks and black dots. The subhindmarginal and hindmarginal black lines are faintly defined. The hindwings are silvery grey, darker diffused toward the hindmargin.
Boeotarcha divisa The wingspan is 19–25 mm. The forewings are purple-fuscous, tinted with drab scales towards the hindmargin. There is a triangle of orange-ochreous dividing the wing almost equally. This triangle is bordered by a black line. There is also a yellow-ochreous spot at the costa and a submarginal purple-black line sharply turning to the hindmargin just before the anal angle. The hindmarginal band is diffused with creamy-drab between the veins and there is a fine light hindmarginal line with a row of black