Top 10 similar words or synonyms for hexameters

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for hexameters

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Eton College A traditional form of punishment took the form of being made to copy, by hand, Latin hexameters. Miscreants were frequently set 100 hexameters by Library members, or, for more serious offences, Georgics (more than 500 hexameters) by their House Masters or the Head Master. The giving of a Georgic is now extremely rare, but still occasionally occurs.
Eclogues of Calpurnius Siculus The "Eclogues" consist of seven separate poems, each written in hexameters:
Ambon of Henry II The inscriptions of the Four Evangelist reliefs are also in Leonine hexameters. The couplets say:
Santa Sabina Above the doorway, the interior preserves an original dedication in Latin hexameters.
Robert II, Count of Dreux Count Robert's tomb bore the following inscription, in Medieval Latin hexameters with internal rhyme:
George Osborne Morgan Morgan published a translation of Virgil's "Eclogues" in English hexameters, and other writings.
Nikolay Gnedich Pushkin also penned an epigram in Homeric hexameters, which unfavourably compares one-eyed Gnedich with the blind Greek poet:
Henry Smith Wright He translated the Iliad, I-IV into English hexameters, and the Aeneid, I-VI into blank verse.
Rhythmical office A mixing of hexameters, of rhythmical stanzas, and of stanzas formed by unequal lines in rhymed prose is shown in the old Office of Rictrudis, composed by Hucbald about 907 (Anal. Hymn., XIII, no. 87). By the side of regular hexameters, as in the Invitatorium:
Mato Kósyk Kosyk used both classical form as well as rhyming forms taken from folk culture for his poems. His preference was for the hexameter form. For example, his "Serbska swajźba w Błotach" ("The Sorbian Wedding in the Spreewald") consists of nearly 2,000 hexameters. Hexameters are also used in "Ten kśicowany" ("The Crucified") and "Helestupjenje Jezusa Kristusa" ("The Descent of Jesus Christ to Hell").