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Sonja Herholdt In 1996, Herholdt was involved in a serious car accident. She and her husband subsequently divorced after 21 years of marriage.
Sonja Herholdt She later enjoyed music success in Europe, she holds the distinction of being the first ever South African singer to be invited to perform in the Netherlands on their local Television. She recorded her song "Oberammergau" in Dutch and it became a hit in the Dutch charts. (Dutch title and chart?) She also performed in Belgium, pushing "Oberammergau" into fifth place in the Belgian charts.
Sonja Herholdt In 1991, she received an award from the "Afrikaans Chamber of Commerce" for her services to Afrikaans music.
Sonja Herholdt Herholdt was born in the small Gauteng mining village of Nigel and at the age of three made her first singing performance at the local community recreation hall, singing the Afrikaans lullaby "Slaap, my Kindjie".
Sonja Herholdt She later obtained a diploma "" in Teaching after three years at the Johannesburg (Goudstad) College of Education. She gave up teaching to pursue music after meeting her future husband, FC Hamman. The couple married in 1976 and started a family, their youngest son later developed an extreme hearing impairment in 1993. Herholdt subsequently decided to start a school for hearing and linguistically impaired Afrikaans children, this was housed in the pre-primary section of Bryanston Primary School. This resulted in Herholdt returning to teach for a period of time.
Sonja Herholdt Herholdt has recorded several albums and singles since the 1970s;
Sonja Herholdt Her breakthrough came when she did a spot on Gwynneth Ashley Robin's show and was soon asked to record "Ek Verlang Na Jou". The single went gold in South Africa, selling over 25 000 copies.
Sonja Herholdt Her subsequent albums and singles earned her similar critical and commercial success. She went on to win a total of eight Sarie awards. In the 1970s and 1980s, she was frequently the best-selling female artist in South Africa.
Sonja Herholdt In 1979, she finally fulfilled her ambition to act by starring in "Sing vir die Harlekyn", and winning a Rapport Oscar-Award as "Best Female Newcomer".
Sonja Herholdt In 2002 she developed her own record company, Son Music and released "Sonjare", a nostalgic retrospective of her original hits.