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latifolium    0.942821

stricta    0.939617

oppositifolia    0.938359

verticillata    0.937451

acutifolia    0.935775

speciosum    0.935061

auriculata    0.934753

paniculatum    0.934164

wahlenbergia    0.933656

oblongifolia    0.933150

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for heliotropium

Article Example
Heliotropium The sap of heliotrope flowers, namely of European heliotrope ("H. europaeum"), was used as a food coloring in Middle Ages and Early Modern French cuisine.
Heliotropium Garden heliotrope is grown in Southern Europe as an ingredient for perfume.
Heliotropium One of the most famous ragtime piano melodies is "Heliotrope Bouquet", composed in 1907 by Louis Chauvin (the first two strains) and Scott Joplin (the last two strains).
Heliotropium Heliotropium is a genus of flowering plants in the borage family, Boraginaceae. There are 250 to 300 species in this genus, which are commonly known as heliotropes (sg. ).
Heliotropium The name "heliotrope" derives from the old idea that the inflorescences of these plants turned their rows of flowers to the sun. Ἥλιος ("helios") is Greek for "sun", τρέπειν ("trepein") means "to turn". The Middle English name "turnsole" has the same meaning.