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Heigh-Ho The song appears, with altered lyrics, at the finale of Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland and Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, and is also used at the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction.
Heigh-Ho The song was also featured in the 1979 stage adaption of the 1937 animated musical film.
Heigh-Ho In the book "Fudge-a-Mania", the character Sheila was singing the song after getting a baby-sitting job.
Heigh-Ho A version of the song by Bunny Berigan and his Orchestra is featured in a recent Levi's commercial entitled "We Are All Workers".
Heigh-Ho In the "Saved by the Bell" episode "Snow White and the Seven Dorks", the class is discussing ways to alter the story, Zack Morris suggests to "make the dwarves tall blonde chicks and put them in bikinis", to which A.C. Slater replies "I'm all for that, heigh ho heigh ho"!
Heigh Speed Heigh Speed is a Web accelerator for Microsoft Windows operating systems. It works by changing settings in the Windows Registry that affect the way the operating system interacts with the network.
Heigh-Ho In the 1988 Disney animated film "Oliver & Company", Tito sings "Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, it's off to work we go" when he is rescuing Jenny.
Heigh-Ho On the 2011 album "V-Rock Disney", which features visual kei artists covering Disney songs, Cascade covered this song.
Heigh-Ho The phrase "Heigh-Ho" was first recorded in 1553 and is defined as an expression of "yawning, sighing, languor, weariness, disappointment". Eventually, it blended meanings with the similarly spelled "hey-ho". The phrase "hey-ho" first appeared in print in 1471, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, which says it has nautical origins, meant to mark the rhythm of movement in heaving or hauling.
Heigh-Ho The group Mannheim Steamroller covered the song on their 1999 album, "Mannheim Steamroller Meets the Mouse".