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Bickley, Western Australia Before 1949 it was a stopping place on the Upper Darling Range Railway. It was originally known as "Heidelburg", but during World War I, Western Australian Government Railways and Tramways renamed it "Bickley" after a local pioneer Wallace Bickley.
Rolf Schweizer Schweizer was born in Mundingen (now a suburb of Emmendingen). His first musical instruction was as a member of the local brass band. He studied Protestant church music at the Evangelische Kirchenmusikalischen Institut in Heidelburg, with Wolfgang Fortner, , Wolfgang Dallmann, Heinz Werner Zimmermann and others.
Thomas de Veil Louis was a linguist and translated tracts by Maimonides from Hebrew into Latin; in 1671 he was appointed Professor of Oriental Languages at Heidelburg University. By 1673 he had returned to Paris as Interpreter of Oriental Languages in the King's library. Within a few years Louis converted to Protestantism and, fled France for London, following his brother Charles-Marie. By 1680 he was in the household of John Tillotson then Dean of Canterbury.
Witsand Witsand is a small coastal town at the mouth of the Breede River in the Western Cape, South Africa. It is a good fishing area and is widely considered to be the whale nursery of the South African coastline. Witsand has had some of the largest Bull Sharks caught in the river, although no shark attacks on people to date. It also has a kitesurfing and windsurfing hotspot compliments of the summer South-Easter.. Every year Witsand serves as the finish for the Heidelburg to Witsand marathon and half-marathon road running race.
Symphony No. 2 (Strauss) Although Strauss's musical style moved on from his second symphony, he did occasionally program it later in his life, for example conducting it on 28 February 1899 in Heidelburg, and again on 29 January 1903 with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam. On 5 November 1935, he also made a radio broadcast with the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra. Strauss recorded some of his own compositions, but this symphony was not among them and the 1935 radio broadcast recording is currently lost. The few conductors to record this symphony are Michael Halasz, Neeme Järvi, Hiroshi Wakasugi and Sebastian Weigle. A version for piano duet has also been recorded.
The Student Prince (film) Lanza made two recordings of the songs from the movie – the first was a genuine film soundtrack recording, in mono. In 1959, after stereo had become possible on records, another recording with Lanza was issued. But rather than simply reissuing the original soundtrack in stereo (which would have been possible since the movie was filmed using 4-track stereo, and stereo albums were released starting in 1958), RCA Victor recorded an all-new studio cast album of the score, and the role of Kathie was sung by soprano Norma Giusti. The original Dorothy Donnelly lyrics were restored to this album. Both the 1954 and 1959 albums, however, also included the three additional songs written specially for the film version ("Summertime in Heidelburg," "I'll Walk With God," and "Beloved"), and both albums omit the solo for Kathie, "Come Boys".
Pennsylvania Route 501 PA 501 crosses into Heidelberg Township in Lebanon County and becomes Stiegel Pike, continuing north through forests with some farms and homes and passing through the community of Waldeck. The route heads northeast before it turns to the northwest and enters the agricultural Lebanon Valley. The road heads north and bypasses the community of Schaefferstown to the west, coming to an intersection with PA 419/PA 897 (Heidelburg Avenue). PA 501 continues north through farmland with occasional homes, passing through the community of Reistville. The route enters Jackson Township and becomes South College Street as it continues through rural areas. Farther north, the road passes near a few commercial establishments and comes to a bridge under Norfolk Southern's Harrisburg Line, at which point it enters the borough of Myerstown. PA 501 passes industrial buildings before it continues north into residential areas. At the intersection with Main Avenue, the route becomes North College Street and passes more homes before it reaches an intersection with US 422 (Lincoln Avenue). in a business area. Past this intersection, the road passes homes and leaves Myerstown for Jackson Township again. The route heads north through a mix of farmland and woodland with a few residences.
Pennsylvania Route 419 PA 419 begins at an intersection with US 322 (Horseshoe Pike) in West Cornwall Township, Lebanon County, heading east on two-lane undivided Main Street. The route passes through the residential community of Quentin and comes to an intersection with PA 72 (Quentin Road). The road continues into the borough of Cornwall and becomes Freeman Drive, running through a mix of farmland and woodland with some homes. PA 419 turns to the northeast and crosses into South Lebanon Township, where the name becomes Schaeffer Road and it continues east through agricultural areas with occasional development. The route enters Heidelberg Township and passes through the community of Buffalo Springs before it passes to the north of Keller Brothers Airport. The road runs through more rural land with some homes before it reaches the community of Schaefferstown. At this point, PA 419 comes to an intersection with PA 897 (South 5th Avenue), with that route turning east to join PA 419 in a concurrency along Heidelburg Avenue. The two routes cross PA 501 and continue east through residential areas with some businesses. PA 419 splits from PA 897 by turning north onto Market Street and passes more homes before leaving Schaefferstown. The road heads northeast into farmland with some trees and homes, crossing into Millcreek Township and becoming an unnamed road. The route curves east through more agricultural land before turning northeast again and passing through the communities of Millbach Springs and Millbach. PA 419 heads into the community of Newmanstown, where it is called Main Street and is lined with homes. After leaving Newmanstown, the road comes to a bridge over Norfolk Southern's Harrisburg Line. In Lebanon County, PA 419 is known as the Lebanon Cornwall Scenic Byway, a Pennsylvania Scenic Byway.