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recezinhos    0.732239

martinchel    0.726856

negrilhos    0.723501

jaboticatubas    0.721213

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Hechizos, pócimas y brujería "Hechizos, pócimas y brujería" (lit: "Spells, potions and witchcraft") is the twelfth album by the Spanish folk metal band Mägo de Oz. After the controversial retirement of their last vocalist José Andrëa, this is the first album of Zeta as the band's vocalist.
Skull art Hechizos de Oaxaca. Fono Impresa, Mexico, D.F., 1987, p. 156 -89.
José de Cañizares Among his "figurón" plays are "El Dómine Lucas", "La más ilustre fregona" (The Most Illustrious Kitchenmaid) and "El honor da entendimiento" (Honor Gives Understanding). The zarzuela "De los hechizos de amor la música es el mayor" (The Greatest Enchantment of Love is Music) incorporates a "figurón" who competes with the hero for the hand of his lady.
Chisos Mountains One of the multiple possibilities of the origin of the name is the option that it stems from "hechizos", a Castilian word meaning "enchantment". Another possibility is the option that the word originated from "chisos", a Native American word meaning "ghost" or "spirit".
Mägo de Oz In 2013, Mägo de Oz released "Hechizos, pócimas y brujería" in double vinyl and digibook formats, featuring new vocalist Zeta. A two-disc compilation entitled "Celtic Land" was released on 13 November 2013 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the creation of the group. The first disc consists of the band's hits sung in English by renowned artists from Europe, such as Jonne Järvelä of Korpiklaani, Elvenking Damnagoras, Eric Martin from Mr. Big, Ralf Scheepers from Primal Fear, and Paul Shortino from King Kobra. The second disc contains several of their hits with Jose Andrëa and Zeta and some remastered tracks performed by artists such as Leo Jimenez, Victor Garcia, and Cristian Bertonceli. The album was released internationally in countries where the band was previously unknown such as England, Italy, and Japan.