Top 10 similar words or synonyms for heavy_rains

torrential_rains    0.926291

heavy_rainfall    0.922768

torrential_rainfall    0.828190

torrential_rain    0.827428

flash_flooding    0.818677

flash_floods    0.817402

monsoon_rains    0.773871

devastating_floods    0.761164

heavy_rainfalls    0.758478

heavy_snowfall    0.757849

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for heavy_rains

Article Example
Pardoo Station The area was flooded following heavy rains in 1929.
Central (MBTA station) On January 26, 1978, heavy rains flooded the station.
Hurricane Amanda Under the anticipation of heavy rains and landslides, a "blue" alert was declared for Guerrero. An alert was issued for Manzanillo. Thirty-four shelters opened in Michoacán while 80 opened in Guerrero. Heavy rains occurred in Guerrero, resulting in flooding.
1968 Pacific typhoon season Tropical Storm Polly dropped heavy rains on the southern islands of Japan. 112 people were killed and 21 were missing from the floods and landslides caused by Polly's heavy rains.
Cyclone Phailin At least 400 huts were destroyed following heavy rains accompanied by gales in Pakur district of Jharkhand. Triggered by heavy rains, a couple of pillars of the Irga river bridge were damaged in Giridih District.
2010 Colombo floods According to the Disaster Management Centre, the heavy rains displaced over 260,000 people in Colombo and suburbs. Heavy rains also submerged the parliament under of water, and damaged 257 houses, while completely destroying 11. Current death toll stands at 1.
Middle Grove, Missouri In 1942, heavy rains hit the community, forcing residents onto rooftops to await help.
Global storm activity of 2010 Cyclone Ului made landfall in southeastern Queensland on the 21st, producing heavy rains and flooding.
Agriculture in Djibouti Earthquakes, Droughts, Occasional cyclonic disturbances from the Indian Ocean bring heavy rains and flash floods.
Bonham Strand The street is comparatively low to the surrounding area and is easily flooded during heavy rains.