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dirac_delta_function    0.873016

laplace_operator    0.843721

kronecker_delta    0.838614

digamma_function    0.833845

levi_civita_symbol    0.830933

laplace_transform    0.826995

hilbert_transform    0.824579

dirac_delta    0.817614

euclidean_norm    0.817037

euler_mascheroni_constant    0.810370

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Heaviside step function In operational calculus, useful answers seldom depend on which value is used for , since is mostly used as a distribution. However, the choice may have some important consequences in functional analysis and game theory, where more general forms of continuity are considered. Some common choices can be seen below.
Heaviside step function For a smooth approximation to the step function, one can use the logistic function
Heaviside step function where a larger corresponds to a sharper transition at . If we take , equality holds in the limit:
Heaviside step function The distributional derivative of the Heaviside step function is the Dirac delta function:
Heaviside step function Here is the distribution that takes a test function to the Cauchy principal value of . The limit appearing in the integral is also taken in the sense of (tempered) distributions.
Heaviside step function When bilateral transform is used, the integral can be split in two parts and the result will be the same.
Heaviside step function The Heaviside step function, or the unit step function, usually denoted by or (but sometimes , or ), is a discontinuous function whose value is zero for negative argument and one for positive argument. It is an example of the general class of step functions, all of which can be represented as linear combinations of translations of this one.
Heaviside step function An alternative form of the unit step, as a function of a discrete variable :
Heaviside step function There are many other smooth, analytic approximations to the step function. Among the possibilities are:
Heaviside step function Often an integral representation of the Heaviside step function is useful: