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vaghashen    0.883182

garnahovit    0.872895

aygehovit    0.872163

lusashogh    0.863856

gorayk    0.860715

sayapuram    0.857557

gusanagyugh    0.850733

ayntap    0.846900

getahovit    0.844643

phunderdihari    0.841040

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Article Example
Hayanist Hayanist () was known as "Qaraqışlaq" until 1978 and "Dostlugh" until 1989, is a village in the Ararat Province of Armenia. The village's population is largely refugees from the population exchange with Azerbaijan in 1988-1989. It is located in the Ararat plain. The distance from Yerevan is 15.4 km. Despite the favorable location of the community (proximity to Yerevan and abundance of good agricultural land), most households cannot provide for their living and heads of families often chose the labor migration as the only solution of their problems. Around 160 ha of the Community’s agricultural land are not irrigated.