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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for haregate

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Tittesworth Sir Ralph Bagnall sold the Haregate estate in 1565 to Thomas Wardle. By 1720 it was owned by Joshua Toft, a Leek button merchant, who lived there with his brother John. In 1745, some of Charles Edward Stuart's troops were given a meal at Haregate; John Toft was given a receipt for hay and oats for the horses.
Tittesworth The south-west part of Tittesworth included what was originally the monastic grange of Fowker (later Fowlchurch) and estates at Ball Haye and Haregate. These estates, owned by Dieulacres Abbey, were granted by the Crown, after the Dissolution of the Monasteries, to Sir Ralph Bagnall in 1552. This area near Leek was rural until the 19th century, when, with the development of Ball Haye Green in the 1830s, it began to be a suburb of Leek.