Top 10 similar words or synonyms for harasser

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for harasser

Article Example
Harassment in the United Kingdom In addition, while the conduct must be unwanted by the recipient, it does not necessarily have to be that the harasser has a motive or an intention to harass. So it is still harassment even if the harasser does not know there is harm caused by their actions.
Harassment Restraining Order An HRO or DARO can require the harasser to stop harassing the victim, and/or avoid the victim's residence or temporary place of accommodation. Like a DARO, subsequent to April 17, 2014, an HRO may also require that the harasser avoid all contact with the victim.
Shitsurakuen (manga) The game is also set up so that the weapons can only be harassed by their own possessor. Should another person try to harass a possessed weapon, a penalty will kick in. For fifteen minutes, a headache will affect the weapon, the harasser, and the owner of the weapon. The second stage, which also lasts fifteen minutes, a greater headache affects the weapon, the harasser, and the owner. At the end of the thirty total minutes of “warning”, if the harasser does not stop or the owner does not rescue or release the weapon, the final punishment will be activated, leading to total social ruin.
Civil Harassment Restraining Order A CHO can require the harasser to stop initiating contact with the victim, and/or to stay away from the victim's family, workplace, home, and/or school.
Burlington Industries, Inc. v. Ellerth Generally, having an effective sexual harassment policy that is used and works is sufficient to satisfy the first prong. Further cases (see "EEOC v. Racine") examine whether an employee's failure to take advantage of the policy was unreasonable, but "Ellerth" holds that when the policy requires reporting to a harasser, it is not unreasonable to fail to do so. (Ellerth would have been required to report to her harasser.)
Hedgehogs in culture Greek) folk songs the (male) hedgehog often appears romantically interested in a (female) tortoise. His advances are usually unwelcome, the tortoises often resorting to legal means to deal with the harasser.
Human rights in Brazil In the workplace it applies only in hierarchical situations, where the harasser is of higher rank or position than the victim. Although the law was enforced, accusations were rare, and the extent of the problem was not documented.
Human rights in Chile Sexual harassment generally was recognized as a problem. A 2005 law against sexual harassment provides protection and financial compensation to victims and penalizes harassment by employers or co-workers. Most complaints are resolved quickly, resulting in action against the harasser in 33 percent of cases.
Sexual harassment in the US workplace From 2010 to 2013, the sexual harassment claims filed by male employees in the United States have tripled, even though the total number of cases filed went down by 3%. Male employees stated that 59% of their harassers were female and 41% reported their harasser as male.
Civil Harassment Restraining Order A CHO does not go into effect until it is served to the person being restrained. Serving the CHO is the responsibility of the petitioner. Service can be carried out by the Sheriff's Department of the county where the harasser lives or works, or by any adult who is not a party named in the case.