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krappmann    0.876872

dikic    0.870251

ruthenburg    0.864464

rottapel    0.863074

imbalzano    0.857318

gollahon    0.856366

meyerhardt    0.854449

tempst    0.853183

boudeau    0.852185

scharfmann    0.851505

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Viktoria Lindpaintner Lindpaintner represented the club Berliner SC. She married Hans Törring-Jettenbach in October 1938 but the two later divorced and she married Rudolf Hantschel in December 1947.
Daily Southtown Cornelia Grumman, a 2003 Pulitzer Prize winning editorial writer at the "Chicago Tribune" for her death penalty editorials, was a reporter at the "Southtown". Cathleen Falsani, author of "The God Factor" and now the religion reporter for the "Sun-Times", got her start in newspapers as the religion beat writer for the "Southtown". Other writers who cut their teeth on the news business at the "Southtown" include Mark Konkol 2011 Pulitzer Prize winner for the "Chicago Sun-Times" and now writer-at-large for, author-blogger-columnist Allison Hantschel and David Heinzmann of the "Chicago Tribune".