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Hans Jørgen Holm Born in Copenhagen, he studied at the city's College of Advanced Technology before being admitted to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, whence he graduated in 1855. In the same time he worked for Gustav Friederich Hetsch and Johan Daniel Herholdt. From 1883-1908 he was a Professor at the Academy.
Hans Jørgen Holm Hans Jørgen Holm (9 May 1835 – 22 July 1916) was a Danish architect. A pupil of Johan Daniel Herholdt, he became a professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and a leading Danish proponent of the National Romantic style.
Vestre Cemetery Almost all the buildings in the grounds have been designed by Hans Jørgen Holm or Holger Jacobsen who succeeded him as resident architect for the Copenhagen Burial Services.
Fælledvej The former police station (No. 20) now house the Danish Police Museum. The Historicist building was desigened by Hans Jørgen Holm.
Vallø Castle The castle was devastated by fire in 1893 but restored largely to its old design by Hans Jørgen Holm between 1893 and 1904.
Royal Library, Denmark The old building of the Slotsholmen site was built in 1906 by Hans Jørgen Holm. The central hall is a copy of Charlemagne's Palace chapel in the Aachen Cathedral.
Sundby Church Sundby Church (Danish: Sundby Kirke) is a Church of Denmark parish church located on Amagerbrogade in Copenhagen, Denmark. Completed in 1870 to designs by Hans Jørgen Holm, it is the oldest church on the northern part of Amager.
Thorvald Jørgensen Thorval Jørgen was born on 27 June 1867 in Norsminde outside Aarhus. He completed a carpenter's apprenticeship in Aarhus in 1885 and then moved to Copenhagen where he was admitted to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts the same year, where he was taught by both Hans Jørgen Holm, Martin Nyrop, Ferdinand Meldahl and Albert Jensen. He graduated in 1889, won the Academy's large gold medal in 1893 for "A church with rectory", and then worked for Hans Jørgen Holm on "Overformynderiet" in Copenhagen from 1892 to 1893. In 1892 he received the Academy's scholarship and over the next years travelled widely in Europe, particularly in Italy.
Vedbygård The oldest part, the short south wing, integrates surviving elements of the older building which date back to the second half of the 15th century. A comprehensive restoration carried out between 1896 and 1901 by F.C.C. Hansen and Hans Jørgen Holm recreated two of the original windoys and a pointed-arched doorway. Two shallow-arched blindings in the outer wall of the upper floor were no doubt doorways opening to a now gone gallery. Larger windows and the arched gateway through the wing's ground floor were introduced in 1751. A small romantic pavilion with exposed timber framing, projecting from the east gable, is an addition from 1898 bu Hans Jørgen Holm.
Vestre Cemetery Hans Jørgen Holm, who was resident architect for the Copenhagen Burial Services, in collaboration with landscape architect Edvard Glæsel (1858-1915)and city ingeneer stadsingeniør Charles Ambt, was responsible for the overall planning and landscaping of the new cemetery. First a burial place for the poor, Vestre Kirkegaard became the principal burial place during the 1990s.