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Mosby's Raid on Herndon Station The Hanna House – At the time of the raid, Nathaniel and Kitty Hanna were living in a small cottage located on the site which is now the location of the Main Street bank on 727 Locust Street. Prior to their small cottage home, the Hanna’s lived in a small white house located at 618 Monroe Street in downtown Herndon. The house is still standing and is now the home of a hair salon. The older residents of the town still refer to the home as the Hanna House.
Elizabeth McClintock She successfully battled the proposed Panhandle Freeway addition to the Central Freeway in San Francisco in 1960 and defended the rare dune tansy. In 2004, Dr. Elizabeth McClintock died peacefully at the Hanna House in Santa Rosa, California at the age of 92.
Hanna–Honeycomb House The Hanna–Honeycomb House, also known as simply the Hanna House, located on the Stanford University campus in Stanford, California, United States, was Frank Lloyd Wright's first work in the San Francisco region and his first work with non-rectangular structures. The house is recognized as a National Historic Landmark.
Mosby's Raid on Herndon Station On March 17, 1863, Captain Mosby raided a union outpost located at Herndon Station in Herndon, Virginia. Lt. Alexander G. Watson was commanding a picket of 25 union men who had been on duty outside of the local sawmill for the past 48 hours. Mosby and his men approached the picket and the picketers falsely believed Mosby’s crew to be a relief party. Before the picket realized what was happening, Mosby’s crew charged the sawmill and quickly captured many of the picket men and caused the rest to surrender with threats to burn the sawmill down. Amidst the chaos local resident Kitty “Kitchen” Hanna was preparing lunch at her husband Nathaniel “Nat” Hanna’s request for four union officers: Captain Robert Schofield, Major William Wells, Lieutenant Watson, and Lieutenant Perley C. J. Cheney. Mosby’s men noticed the four men’s horses outside of the Hanna house and went to investigate. Seeing Mosby’s men approaching Schofield and Wells ran out of the Hanna house and were quickly captured by the raiders. The other two officers, Watson and Cheney, ran up to the attic of the house to hide. Mosby’s men came into the house and shot at the ceiling, calling the officers to surrender. The shots caused Major Wells to fall through the ceiling into his captor’s arms. After the war Major Wells and Lieutenant Schofield returned to the Hanna house to retrieve their guns, which they had hidden in the walls that day.
Reverie (Marion, Alabama) Carlisle shortly sold the house again on April 28, 1863 to David Scott, a merchant and cotton, grist, and saw mill operator and manufacturer. Scott died on August 9, 1868, and left a will recording the furnishings of the mansion at that time. Harrison H. Hurt, son of a prominent merchant and planter, bought the mansion in 1871 at auction for $4,650. Mr. Hurt's daughter Nellie married Dr. R.C. Hanna and the mansion became known as the Hurt-Hanna House.
York-Chester Historic District York-Chester Historic District is a national historic district located at Gastonia, Gaston County, North Carolina. It encompasses 649 contributing buildings, 2 contributing sites, and 1 contributing structure in a predominantly residential section of Gastonia. The dwellings were built between about 1856 and 1955, and include notable examples of Queen Anne and Bungalow / American Craftsman architecture. Located in the district are the separately listed former Gastonia High School. Other notable contributing resources include the Beal-Ragan Garden, Oakwood Cemetery, Caroline Hanna House (c. 1882), Spurrier Apartment building (c. 1929), Edgewood Apartments (c. 1937), and Devant J. and June S. Purvis House (1951).
James Wylie House James Wylie House, also known as The Shamrock, O'Connell House, and Hanna House, is a historic home located at White Sulphur Springs, Greenbrier County, West Virginia. It was built before 1825, and is a 2 1/2 story, red brick house with a Georgian style floorplan. A remodeling executed in 1906, added Italianate style design elements to the roofline and window openings. Also on the property is a settlement period, two story log cabin and a miniature stone replica of a castle. It is operated as a bed and breakfast.
Modular art Wright's Hanna House of 1937 is a clear example of the master's facility with modern modular design in multiple dimensions. Its striking angled forms are built up from the individual hexagonal modules that define the floor plan and various vertical elements. Wright's use of the hexagon here is by no means an arbitrary aesthetic choice, but an example of how he rooted his architecture in nature by drawing from its forms and principles – the interlocking hexagonal cells of the bee's honeycomb being nature's most perfect representation of modular design. Not surprisingly, this project is sometimes referred to as the "Honeycomb House".
Pratt Historic District Pratt Historic District is a national historic district located at Pratt, Kanawha County, West Virginia. The district includes 67 contributing buildings and one contributing site. The primarily residential district includes some notable commercial, ecclesiastical, civic, and industrial buildings dated as early as the 1820s. Notable buildings include the Charles Pratt Mining Company office (c. 1889), I.O.O.F. Building (c. 1922-1923), Samuel Hanna House (c. 1830-1840), Jim Shields Corner (c. 1880), James Trimble House, Weaver-Grose House (c. 1905), Burke-Mooney House, Boyer House (c. 1910), The Blue House, Perry-Holt House (c. 1896), Old Town Hall (c. 1875), The Cooperage, and Pratt Cemetery. The delisted Mother Jones Prison was once located in the district.
Ronny Douek In 1991, he founded Eilat Grapes Ltd., a first-of-its-kind venture with Kibbutz Eilot, which involves a vineyard on 50 hectares of desert land. He has also founded Arava Vineyards Ltd. an entrepreneurial company active in a range of fields. Among others, Arava bought the Lodzia House ("the red house") on Nachmani Street in Tel Aviv in order to conserve it and transform it into an apartment house, and the Hanna House on Ben Gurion Boulevard in Tel Aviv. Arava is also involved in the development of the Negev with tourist ventures and is building the Shaharut Desert Resort on a hill overlooking the Arava Plain and Edom mountains, as a unique hospitality site in the desert.