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Kirk Hanefeld Hanefeld was born in Claremont, New Hampshire. He played collegiately at the University of Houston. He is currently an active member of the Champions Tour, and has previously been a prominent name in the New England section of the PGA.
Kirk Hanefeld Kirk Hanefeld (born May 24, 1956) is an American professional golfer.
2013 PGA Championship J. C. Anderson, Danny Balin, Mark Brown, Caine Fitzgerald, Bob Gaus, Kirk Hanefeld, Rob Labritz, Jeffrey Martin, David McNabb, David Muttitt, Rod Perry, Ryan Polzin, Lee Rhind, Mark Sheftic, Sonny Skinner, Mike Small, Stuart Smith, Jeff Sorenson, Bob Sowards, Chip Sullivan
Aline Systems Aline footbeds are used by numerous professional athletes in running, triathlons, skiing, snowboarding and golf. These include skiers Micah Black, Sarah Burke, Brian Bennett, Ian McIntosh, and Jamie Pierre; professional snowboarders Ross Powers, Seth Wescott, Andy Finch, and Molly Aguirre; and professional golfers D. J. Trahan, Rory Sabbatini, Kirk Hanefeld, and Phyllis Meti.
Leukoencephalopathy with vanishing white matter As the years progressed, more accounts of similar patients with similar symptoms were documented; however no one classified all the accounts as the same disease. It was not until 1993-94 when Dr. Hanefeld and Dr. Schiffmann and their colleagues identified the disease as childhood-onset progressive leukoencephalopathy. They determined it was autosomal recessive. They too saw that head trauma was a trigger for the onset of VWM. The key factor which allowed them to connect these patients together was the results of the magnetic-resonance spectroscopy in which the normal white matter signals were gone and often replaced with resonances indicative of lactate and glucose. They determined the cause was hypomyelination. in 1997-98, Dr. Marjo S. van der Knaap and colleagues saw the same characteristics in another set of patients, but these patients also expressed febrile infections. Dr. van der Knaap used MRI as well as magnetic-resonance spectroscopy and determined that ongoing cystic degeneration of the cerebral white matter and matter rarefaction was more descriptive of the disease rather than hypomyelination and proposed the name vanishing white matter. The name proposed by Dr. Schiffmann in 1994, childhood ataxia with central hypomyelination (CACH) is another commonly accepted name.