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Upper Halliford In the 14th century a windmill stood at Upper Halliford, later to be replaced by a windmill at Lower Halliford (now generally considered part of Shepperton).
Upper Halliford Kempton, Sunbury, Halliford and later Upper Halliford all formed the nucleus of a medieval manor, except for Upper Halliford which was probably the lesser of the two Halliford hamlets within Halliford manor formed a narrow strip running back from the River Thames over the open fields to the common land to the north.
Upper Halliford Elevations range between 12m AOD which applies for most of the village, with a maximum of 12.4m excluding bridge in the west, to 10.8m AOD in the residential road closest to one of the River Colne's many distribuaries, the River Ash.
Upper Halliford The Baptist church pictured above, opposite the green is also within the bypassed section of main through road and near the flats and shops at the centre of the village. Another pub once known as "The Bugle" is beside the combined single carriageway to the north and by the village park below.
Halliford School The building closest to its road is the oldest, a tall-storied Georgian House set in beside the River Thames that was once home to Emma Hart (later Emma, Lady Hamilton) when she lived with Charles Francis Greville before she married and then became Lord Nelson's mistress. The school has seen expansion since the year 2000 including the following buildings:
Upper Halliford Also a common meadow lay by the river in the south and southeast of Upper Halliford.
Upper Halliford Based on 1841 census statistics, Samuel Lewis (publisher) in his 1848 "A topographical guide to England" stated the population of the parish of Sunbury which included Charlton and Upper Halliford, an area of was 1,828.
Upper Halliford A halt at Upper Halliford along the Victorian railway to Shepperton was not opened until 1944, to serve the factories of the Sunbury Industrial Estate in World War II and was still a halt until at least 1962.
Upper Halliford A bypass of the A244 cuts off a portion of the west of the village with a pedestrian crossing from meeting minor roads on each side, leaving the core of the village with far less traffic compared to the northern stretch. This stretch is made up of Upper Halliford Road: its west side has a residential estate, nurseries in front of a railway line, whereas its east side has Grange Farm mobile home village, farmhouse, residual farm, Upper Halliford (or Manor Park) recreation ground and nursery before the large road bridge at the border to Sunbury Common, over the Shepperton Branch Line and the M3 motorway.
Upper Halliford Junction 1 of the M3 motorway is northeast along a choice of routes and the M25 motorway is a few mile further along that motorway at Junction 2 "the Chertsey Interchange".