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Liu Haiping Liu Haiping (; born June 3, 1988 in Shouguang, Shandong) is a Chinese fenmale canoeist. She competed in 2012 London Olympics and 2016 Rio Olympics at k-4 500 m events.
Semi-solid metal casting One RheoCasting method used in the industry is the so called "Rapid Slurry Forming" technology invented by Magnus Wessen and Haiping Cao.
2014 Asian Junior Women's Volleyball Championship Sun Haiping, Hu Mingyuan, Lin Lin, Du Qingqing, Zhang Qian, Ju Wanrong, Gong Xiangyu, Rong Wanqianbai, Wang Yuanyuan, Meng Zixuan, Jin Ye, Huang Jiayi
Dwelling Narrowness Song takes Haizao out on trips and gives money to her so that she can help her sister, Haiping, pay for the down payment on her house. With Song's help, Haiping finally buys a house that she likes. In return for helping her sister, Haizao begins an affair with Song and tries to hide this from her boyfriend. However, he eventually discovers the affair, and, although he initially forgives Haizao, they eventually break up.
Dwelling Narrowness Guo Haiping (Hai Qing) is the elder of two sisters, who moves to the fictional city of Jiangzhou to attend a prestigious college there. She and her husband Su Chun (Hao Ping) remain in the city after graduation, living in a very shabby shikumen in order to save money to buy a house. Haiping then convinces her mother (Cao Cuifen) to let Guo Haizao (Li Nian), her younger sister, to come to Jiangzhou for college as well.
Duan Yihe Duan Yihe (, January 17, 1946 -September 5, 2007) was a member of the Chinese People's Congress from Jinan, Shandong Province. He also served as chairman of the standing committee of the Jinan Municipal People's Congress from 2001 to 2007. Together with his nephew, he was executed for the murder of his mistress Liu Haiping (, born in 1976, from Hebei province). Liu Haiping was killed On July 9, 2007 by a powerful remote-controlled explosive planted in her car (a Honda sedan) while driving on Jianshi Road in Jinan. The explosion destroyed her lower body and flung her upper torso 30 meters through the air. He was executed by lethal injection.
Liu Xiang (hurdler) Liu's injury was significant and also ruled him out of the following year's major competition, the 2009 World Championships in Athletics. However, coach Sun Haiping was confident that he would return in time for the Chinese national championships and 2009 Asian Championships in Athletics in November.
Yangquan theatre bombing Gao Haiping was an only child. He worked as a miner and was described as a loner who was pessimistic and dissatisfied with his life. The day of the bombing he stated that he wanted to go home and warned a neighbor that he should not go to the theater, if he wanted to avoid trouble.
Yangquan theatre bombing The Yangquan theatre bombing was a murder-suicide that occurred at a theatre in Yangquan, Shanxi, China on July 22, 1981, when 24-year-old Gao Haiping detonated a self-made explosive device that killed 32 people, including himself, and wounded 127 others.
Dwelling Narrowness Four years pass and the couple still cannot afford the down payment on a house, since property prices have been skyrocketing. After Haizao graduates from college and cannot find a job, Haiping lets her sister live with her and Su Chun in their already very cramped room. Haizao eventually finds a job and meets Xiao Bei (Wen Zhang), a warm-hearted white collar office worker whom she starts dating.