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ringeldorf    0.841522

keffenach    0.838757

ottwiller    0.837382

neugartheim    0.836592

oberfr    0.836164

mutzenhouse    0.835067

ittlenheim    0.833732

obersoultzbach    0.831274

loupershouse    0.829005

guntzviller    0.826025

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Hagenbrunn It lies north of Bisamberg in the Weinviertel in Lower Austria. About 4.41 percent of the municipality is forested.
Hagenbrunn Hagenbrunn is a town in the district of Korneuburg in Lower Austria in Austria.
Anthony Kohlmann Kohlmann was born at Kaysersberg, then in the ancient province of Alsace, in the Kingdom of France. He had joined the Capuchins but was compelled by the troubles of the French Revolution to go to Switzerland, where at the seminary of Fribourg he completed his theological studies and was ordained a priest in 1796. Soon after he joined the Congregation of the Fathers of the Sacred Heart, founded by Tourneley and de Broglia in Vienna. With them he spent some time in Austria, where he distinguished himself by his tireless efforts during a plague at Hagenbrunn. He then served as a military chaplain at a hospital in Pavia. In 1801 he was sent from Italy to Dillingen in Bavaria, as director of a seminary, then to Berlin, and next to Amsterdam, to direct a college established by the Fathers of the Faith of Jesus, with whom the Congregation of the Sacred Heart had united (11 April 1799).