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Article Example
Hadouken! On 7 January 2008, Hadouken! were guest presenters on Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1 show. On the show Hadouken! referred to previous single 'Leap of Faith' as an experiment and suggested the album would draw more on their dance music influences, comparing it to The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers.
Hadouken! The band unveiled their new single, "Turn the Lights Out" on 10 November 2009 on their Myspace.
Hadouken! On 25 January 2010, Hadouken! released "For the Masses", which reached #17 in the UK album chart on the week of its release. The album was followed up by a new mix of single "Mic Check" which included a sample from Tina Moore's "Never Gonna Let You Go".
Hadouken! Following the radio debut of "Mecha Love", James Smith confirmed that a second single had been recorded and was ready for release. "Oxygen" was released digitally on 7 November 2010; the "Oxygen" EP was later released on 18 January 2012.
Hadouken! On 27 December 2012, the band announced that their third studio album will be called 'Every Weekend' and will be released through their own label 'Surface Noise Recordings'. The group made an appearance in 2012 on Feed Me's "Trapdoor" and James provided vocals for KillSonik's song "Slaughterhouse" this year.
Hadouken! On 10 November 2014, Hadouken! announced their hiatus through Facebook.
Hadouken! Hadouken! have had some success at the BT Digital Music Awards, where they received two nominations in the Best Electronic Artist/DJ category in 2007 and 2008, winning the 2008 award.
Hadouken! Hadouken! played their first gig at the Dirty Hearts Club in Southend on 16 September 2006. They played their debut London gig the following week at the notorious Another Music Another Kitchen night at Proud Gallery in Camden. They recorded demos and spent their first six months playing gigs predominantly in Leeds and London. In December 2006, Hadouken! recruited bass player Chris Purcell.
Hadouken! The band first began getting noticed more widely in 2006. It was 2007 though, when success properly came to the band. In January 2007 Mike Skinner of The Streets gave the band one of their first radio plays, he played future single 'That Boy That Girl' on BBC Radio 1 whilst guest presenting Zane Lowe's new music show, describing the band as 'a great new band.' In February 2007 the band released what is said to be an internet phenomenon, described as "a savage, snarling work of genius", by "NME". single double a-side "That Boy That Girl/Tuning In" through the band's own label, Surface Noise Records. A video was also made for the track by friend of the band Bobby Harlow, which charted successfully in the MTV Two/NME chart. The latter, "Tuning In" appeared as a remix on Kitsuné Music's compilation album, "Kitsuné Maison Compilation 4", titled "Tuning In [H! Re-rub]". The remix also was used as a b-side on the 10-inch single from Kitsuné Music, released on 7 May 2007.
Hadouken! On 3 March 2008, Hadouken! announced the album's title (Music for an Accelerated Culture), as well as details of the promo track for the album; "Get Smashed Gate Crash".