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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for gwok

Article Example
Shanghai Blues Dang-zai takes part in a beauty contest of Calendar Queen by chance. Accidentally, she is chosen as the winner by the wealthy old lady who sponsor the contest. At the same time, "Shanghai Blues", a song composed by Gwok-man, is chosen by a famous singer Zau Siu-sin, and is suddenly popular among the Shanghai people. One day it rains very heavily, Gwok-man and Aak-syu share an umbrella, they return to Gwok-man's home together, but are encountered by Dang-zai, who is in love with Gwok-man unrequitedly. Another day, Gwok-man is saved Ask-syu when she is annoying by some canailles.
Shanghai Blues When Aak-syu realize that Dang-zai also love Gwok-man, she decides to leave Shanghai. At the last moment, Gwok-man catches up with the train, to be together with Aak-syu again.
Shanghai Blues Dung Gwok-man and Aak-suk are both clowns of a night club, after the breaking out of the Second Sino-Japanese War, Gwok-man is inspired by patriotism thought, and prepared for joining the army. The Japanese battleplanes are bombing Shanghai, Gwok-man meet with a young girl named Aak-syu and they agree that they would meet at Suzhou Bridge after the war. Ten years pass, and Gwok-man returns to Shanghai to look for Aak-syu, but only meets several vagrant veterans.
Branches of Wing Chun Founded by Dai Dong Fung (Great East Wind) and his students Tze Gwok Leung and Tze Gwok Cheung, the branch received its name via Lao Dat Sang, who had the nickname Pao Fa Lien (), or "Wood Planer Lien". Notable students: Mok Poi-On.
Gok Wan Gok Wan (born Kowkhyn Wan; Chinese: 溫國興; Cantonese Jyutping: Wan gwok hing; 9 September 1974) is an English fashion consultant, author and television presenter.
Gum Yuen Gum Yuen (October 1875 – 15 May 1943) was an Australian cabinetmaker, Chinese community leader, furniture manufacturer and restaurateur. Yuen was born in Chung Gwok village, Heungshan (Zhongshan), Kwangtung (Guangdong) Province, China and died in Perth, Western Australia.
Shanghai Blues Gwok-man and Aak-suk later find a job to make performance for an advertisement. One day when he is performing, Aak-syu happens to pass there in a car. Aak-syu wants to meet Gwok-man, but he hurt's her leg when he jumps out of the car. Dang-zai appears at Calendar Queen party, a rich man fuddles her, so the boss can rape her. But the wealthy old lady drinks the wine mixed with magic potions by mistake and faints on the bed in the boss's room. The drunken Dang-zai falls to the ground, escaped from rape. A power failure occurs that night, the boss mistakes the old lady for Dang Zai, and it ends with a farce. In the same night, Gwok-man and Aak-syu finally recognize each other.
Wong Kwok-kin Wong Kwok-kin, BBS (黃國健; Yale: Wòhng Gwok Gihn; born May 1952) is the member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong representing the Kowloon East constituency.
Tai Chi Master (TV series) The series being a classic helped Alex Man and Michelle Yim extend their popularity well into the 1980s era. Most memorable was the opening song composed by Michael Lai (黎小田), lyrics written by Lou Gwok-zim (盧國沾) and sung by Johnny Yip (葉振棠). The song have since been re-released on numerous albums.
Vietnamese Lady Vietnamese Lady is a 1992 Hong Kong sex film directed by Ka Ka and written by Heung Sang Kong, starring Gwok Yee Lee, Melvin Wong, Ling Ga, and Chan Wing Chun. The film premiered in British Hong Kong on 19 November 1992.