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Cwm Gwaun The locals continue to follow the tradition of the pre-1752 Julian calendar and celebrate New Year () on 13 January. Children walk from house to house, and sing traditional Welsh language songs. In return, householders provide gifts, or "calennig", of sweets and money. In 2012, it was reported that most children from the local primary school would be absent that day to take part in the celebrations.
Cwm Gwaun The community (Pontfaen) contains a primary school and a pub of considerable local renown named the "Dyffryn Arms", known locally as "Bessie's" and run by Bessie Davies's family since 1845. The pub was originally called "Llwyn Celyn" (Holly Bush) and in 2015 it featured in the Good Beer Guide for a 40th successive year. The Gwaun Valley also contains a brewery at the Kilkiffeth Farm.
River Gwaun The Gwaun rises in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park on the northern slopes of "Foel Eryr" in the Preseli Hills, to the east of Pontfaen hamlet. The river is a slowly meandering stream passing through marshy, wet woodland with alder trees, water meadows and flood plains. Its river valley is deep and secluded through the Gwaun Valley, past the hamlets of Cwm Gwaun and Llanychaer up to where it meets the sea at Lower Fishguard.
Dyffryn Gwaun The site has other habitats that contribute to the special wildlife interest including swamp and running water which support a wide range of species such as: otter, scarce flies and beetles.
Gwaun Lydan Gwaun Lydan is top of Aran Fawddwy in the south of the Snowdonia National Park in Gwynedd, Wales. It is located at the end of the south ridge. The summit comprises a small boggy plateau, the highest point being a peat hag marked by a few stones.
Cwm Gwaun In 2008 the community was reported to have an area of 3,870 hectares and have a population of 266 inhabitants. "The Companion Guide to Wales" describes Cwm Gwaun as "one of the most important meltwater channels from the last ice age to be found in the British Isles." The River Gwaun rises in the Preseli hills near the village and its tributaries have carved heavily-wooded steep, narrow side-valleys. To the northwest are hills such as Mynydd Dinas and Mynydd Melyn and the valley forms a notable wetland. Trees found in the valley include sessile oak, beech, alder, rowan, ash and willow. The highest point of the Preseli hills is Foel Cwmcerwyn at 535 metres. The area is a notable 5.2 mile (8.32km) nature walk area of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. The "Rough Guide to Wales" says of the community, "Cwm Gwaun and the inland hills Cwm Gwaun, the valley of the burbling River Gwaun is one of the great surprises of Pembrokeshire – a bucolic vale of impossibly narrow lanes, surrounded by the bleak shoulders of bare mountains."
Theatr Gwaun Built in 1885 as a Temperance hall, it was briefly converted for use as a school in January 1895 before being converted into a cinema in the 1920s. Originally, the building was known as The Studio Cinema, a sister to the Studio Cinema in Bristol. The Studio Cinema was taken over by the local authority as a going concern and was run by the Smedley family until 1993, when management was transferred under Preseli Pembrokeshire County Council to Emyr Bateman. The cinema retained much of its original features until refurbishment. During 1994 the venue was refurbished and its name was changed to Theatr Gwaun, run by the Preseli Pembrokeshire Council under Emyr Bateman. The venue consisted of 180 seats with easy access. The differing forms of entertainment it offers include cinema, jazz, youth theatre and many others. The theatre was under threat of closure by Pembrokeshire County Council, which owned it. A group was formed to fight the closure, called Friends of Theatr Gwaun, which has subsequently taken over the management of the theatre on a lease from the council.
Gwaun Lydan The summit panorama includes the eastern face of Aran Fawddwy with Creiglyn Dyfi below. To the north is Esgeiriau Gwynion and Llechwedd Du. Heading east, Pen yr Allt Uchaf can be reached.
River Gwaun The River Gwaun (Welsh: "Afon Gwaun", ""Gwaun"" meaning 'marsh, moor') is a river in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, which flows principally westwards, through the hamlet of Cwm Gwaun, draining to the sea into Fishguard Bay at Fishguard (Welsh: "Abergwaun" - 'mouth of the Gwaun').
Theatr Gwaun Theatr Gwaun is a cinema/theatre in Fishguard, Pembrokeshire.