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hongtao    0.888093

jiasheng    0.887122

aihua    0.885977

xiaoyang    0.885927

xianying    0.885240

yongjun    0.883545

zhiguo    0.880692

yongqing    0.879815

wenyi    0.879373

mingjie    0.878564

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Article Example
Li Guojun Li Guojun (born 21 March 1966) is a Chinese former volleyball player who competed in the 1988 Summer Olympics and in the 1992 Summer Olympics.
Tian Guojun Tian Guojun (born 10 March 1990) is a Chinese speed-skater.
Tian Guojun Tian competed at the 2014 Winter Olympics for China. In the 1000 metres he finished 34th overall, and in the 1500 metres he finished 21st.
Tian Guojun Tian made his World Cup debut in November 2013. As of September 2014, Tian's top World Cup finish is 4th in a 1000m B race at Berlin in 2013–14. His best overall finish in the World Cup is 40th, in the 1000 metres in 2013–14.
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