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Chen Guofu Chen Guofu or Chen Kuo-fu (; 5 October 1892 – 25 August 1951), was a Chinese politician in the Republic of China. His surname is "祖燾", also called him "Guofu(果夫)".
Chen Guofu He was born in Wuxing, Zhejiang, China (modern Huzhou). Chen Guofu joined the Tongmenghui in 1911. He participated in both the revolution against the Qing dynasty and the "second revolution" against Yuan Shikai. He restarted his political career in 1924, being nominated as member of the Kuomintang Central Audit, as well as head of the Department of Organization and president of the Central Financial Committee. Together with his younger brother Chen Lifu, he organized the CC Clique or Central Club Clique of the Kuomintang. He was chairman of the government of Jiangsu from 1933 to 1937. It was Chen who suggested to open the dikes of the Yellow River to halt the Japanese advance during the Second Sino-Japanese War; resulting in the 1938 Yellow River flood. He left for Taiwan in December 1948 and died there on August 25, 1951, in Taipei, Taiwan.
Guofu Zhou Guofu Zhou is an American economist, currently the Frederick Bierman and James E. Spears Professor of Finance at Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis.
The Peony Pavilion A Taiwanese movie "Wǒ de měilì yǔ āichōu" 我的美麗與哀愁 directed by Chen Guofu, with cinematography by Christopher Doyle and starring Luo Ruoying shared the same English title.
Chen Lifu Chen Lifu was the younger brother of Chen Guofu. As a result of the two brothers significant influence in the KMT government, they formed a political faction known as the CC Clique.
Wang Zi-Ping Wang and Zhu Guofu defended martial arts historian Tang Hao (Tang Fansheng) from opponents who were angered by his work "Shaolin-Wudang Kao" which refuted the story of Bodhidharma and Zhang Sanfeng as being the creators of Shaolin and Taijiquan.
Jumpin Gym U.S.A. In June 9, 1994, businessman Chen Guohua and Chen Guofu set up the Jumpin Gym U.S.A . Company to break the traditional amusement park business model, "value for money" business philosophy, innovation and playground image.
Fuyang In 2008, it was widely reported that Zhang Zhi'an (张治安), the Communist Party chief of Yingquan District, nicknamed the "White House Party Chief," had been suspended from his office on June 5, 2008, along several other officials. They were under investigation for the death of Li Guofu (李国福), a businessman who acted as a whistleblower. In Beijing, Li Guofu had accused Zhang of corruption and abuse of power, and hoped that Yingquan District would reclaim the area as farmland. In August 2007, Li Guofu was arrested by the Yingquan government on corruption charges and imprisoned. Zhang interrogated Li, threatening his family, and extracted a confession from him. On March 13, 2008, just hours before he was scheduled to see a lawyer, Li Guofu was found hanged. Although his death was deemed a suicide, media reported that Li Guofu's body was bruised and his mouth was tightly shut, uncharacteristic of a suicide by hanging. On February 8, 2010, Zhang was found guilty of taking bribes, retaliation, and framing an innocent person, and was sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve.
Yunji Qiqian Second, Schipper notes that despite the title and preface, the "Yunji qiqian" "is not divided into seven parts; it does not even contain the slightest trace of such an arrangement." Lin cites Chen Guofu 陳國符 that the titular "qiqian" means "seven sections" of the Daoist Canon and not sections of the "Yunji qiqian".
Chen Qimei Chen Qimei (; January 17, 1878 – May 18, 1916) was a Chinese revolutionary activist, close political ally of Sun Yat-sen, and early mentor of Chiang Kai-shek. He was as one of the founders of the Republic of China, and the uncle of Chen Guofu and Chen Lifu.