Top 10 similar words or synonyms for guntert

gntert    0.845991

svergun    0.814162

wuthrich    0.800938

wthrich    0.797418

gronenborn    0.795098

gronenbom    0.773439

delaglio    0.756979

piotto    0.741381

fezoui    0.740979

gschwend    0.738091

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for guntert

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Hugh B. Lindsay Following his term as U.S. Attorney, Lindsay was elected chancellor (judge) of Tennessee's Second Chancery District. During his term, he ruled on a variety of cases, ranging from a dispute over the rights of academies to summarily fire teachers, to a case involving back taxes owed by the improvement company working to establish Harriman, Tennessee. One case, "Guntert v. Guntert", involved an alcoholic who had deeded personal property to his sister for fear of squandering it, and then sued to get it back when she refused to return it. Another, "Citizens Railway Co. v. Africa, et al.", was an effort to resolve the lengthy dispute between Knoxville's two streetcar companies, which had culminated in a riot known as the Battle of Depot Street in 1897. Lindsay served as judge until 1899, when the state legislature abolished his district.