Top 10 similar words or synonyms for gunsmithed

housingstockhand    0.447221

muzzleloading    0.440517

ammunitions    0.434655

pulkas    0.409178

sharpshooting    0.404671

weaponlights    0.398741

armorers    0.397366

javeliners    0.397360

jingeom    0.397233

uncocking    0.395993

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for gunsmithed

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Feast of the Hunters' Moon The event includes historical reenactments featuring period characters from the 1700s to educate visitors about the lives and culture of the period. One historical interpreter presented a Delaware Indian who first served as a scout for the French and whose people lived along the Wabash River in the 1700s and co-existed peacefully with the French at the outpost. Others play traders and gunsmiths, such as "Pierre Rolletof" of French Scots-Irish descent who traveled along the Wabash River trading a range of items, including guns, and also gunsmithed as he traveled. Other reenactors have demonstrated various period trades and crafts, including a chairmaker who built Windsor chairs to order, spending 40–45 hours per chair.