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Rafael Usín Guisado Rafael Usín Guisado (born 22 May 1987), commonly known as Rafa Usín, is a Spanish futsal player who plays for FC Barcelona Futsal as a Pivot.
Old Spanish language When there was a stressed word before the verb, the pronouns would go before the verb: e.g., "non gelo empeñar he por lo que fuere guisado".
Sarsiado The sauce features a guisado - a sautee flavor combination of garlic, onion and tomatoes (although tomatoes are sometimes omitted, depending on the dish).
Daima Beltrán Daima Mayelis Beltrán Guisado (born September 10, 1972) is a Cuban judoka. At the 2000 Summer Olympics she won the silver medal in the women's Heavyweight (+78 kg) category. She repeated that feat four years later in Athens, Greece.
Lomi A "lomi haus" specializes in lomi and other pancit dishes made of fresh egg noodles called "miki". It may also serve other pancit dishes, such as pancit guisado, bihon, miki-bihon, chami, pancit canton, sotanghon and others if available.
Ocellated lizard The ocellated lizard was part of the traditional cuisine of Extremadura, Spain. In this region, the lizard was usually prepared in "guisado", made by frying slices of lizard in olive oil, after which they were stewed over a slow fire.
Rodrigo Lara Only eight months after taking the Ministry of Justice post, Lara was gunned down in his car on the night of April 30, 1984, on 127th Street in Bogota, which later was named "Avenida Rodrigo Lara Bonilla" in his honor. The murder occurred at the hands of an assassin sent by Escobar, named Ivan Dario Guisado, who rode on a Yamaha DT175 motorcycle driven by Byron Velasquez, aka "Quesito". Guisado was killed by the minister's bodyguards, while Velasquez was captured by the police and spent more than 10 years in prison.
Jimmy Barnatán He has participated in several short films, being director of three of them from 1998 to 2005. He did the same in a documentary "(Racing Blues. History of a feeling)" "(Racing Blues. Historia de un sentimiento)" (2007) in which, alongside Fernando Guisado, he narrated the adventures of an historic Spanish football team, the Racing de Santander.
Lomi A "panciteria" has a more extensive menu of pancit dishes. It serves lomi and other pancit dishes such as pancit guisado, bihon, mike-bihon, chami, pancit canton, sotanghon and others. Rice meals, viands and other made-to-order dishes may also be served here if available.
Arts and culture in São Vicente, Cape Verde The most popular cuisine is cachupa as is in the rest of the nation. Delicacies originated from the island include Arroz de cabidela de marisco а dadal which is the rice seafood dish fried moray, barnacle stew (guisado de percebes) and xerém.