Top 10 similar words or synonyms for greenstead

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for greenstead

Article Example
Greenstead Green Greenstead Green is a village in the civil parish of Greenstead Green and Halstead Rural, near the town of Halstead in the Braintree district, in the English county of Essex.
Greenstead Green Other nearby settlements include Burton's Green, Earls Colne, Plaistow Green and Tumbler's Green.
Greenstead Green It is sometimes confused with Greenstead, in Colchester (which is thirteen miles away from Greenstead Green), there can also be confusion between Greenstead Green and Greensted Green (near Chipping Ongar).
Magic Roundabout (Colchester) It is located between the Hythe and Greenstead areas of the town, with the A133 (St Andrew's Avenue); Avon Way; Greenstead Road and the A134 (Elmstead Road).
Churches in Colchester Greenstead Evangelical Free Church is on Magnolia Drive on the Greenstead estate. It was built in 1963, making it almost as old as the estate itself. It is affiliated with the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches.
Magic Roundabout (Colchester) The Greenstead roundabout is a magic roundabout in Colchester, Essex.
Colchester settlements The eastern settlements include Greenstead and other scattered villages. The eastern part of Colchester also includes the Hythe. After Wivenhoe, the region turns into Tendring. Tendring is mostly farming and villages, although it is home for Clacton and Frinton. Greenstead is a large estate near Highwoods. Greenstead is very convenient.
Tumbler's Green Other nearby settlements include Folly Green, Pattiswick, Stisted and Greenstead Green.
John Payne (martyr) The Roman Catholic church of St John Payne is found on Colchester's Greenstead estate. Founded in 1972, the Parish of Greenstead, Ardleigh and Mistley serves the community on the Essex-Suffolk border, with St John Payne being the Parish Church.
Greensted Greensted, near Ongar, is sometimes confused with Greenstead, in Colchester. Both places are located in the county of Essex, but they are over 30 miles apart. Use, where appropriate, of postcodes can reduce the risk of confusion. Postcodes for addresses in Greensted, near Ongar, commence with the letters 'CM', postcodes for Greenstead, near Colchester, commence with 'CO'.