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Article Example
Gosbeck The parish contains Gosbeck Wood, an ancient woodland and SSSI.
Gosbeck Gosbeck is a village and civil parish in the Mid Suffolk district of Suffolk in eastern England. Located around five miles north of Ipswich, in 2005 its population was 220.
Crowfield, Suffolk Little Domesday also mentions a place called Horswold. It has since disappeared but appears have been located on Stone Street in the area of Gosbeck Wood, and this would put Horswold within the present-day parish boundary of Crowfield. As "wold" is an Old English term for a forest or an area of woodland on high ground, this is quite plausible as Gosbeck Wood is on ground that is higher than its surroundings. Horswold is described as being in the Bosmere Hundred, with a total population of one household consisting of one 'free-man'. It would have been quite meagre as the tax assessed was 0.4 geld units.
Henley, Suffolk Henley is positioned on a hill between two valleys. To the west of the village is a hill that extends down to the villages of Claydon and Barham situated in the Gipping Valley. East of the village is the Fynn Valley where the village of Witnesham is located. The main Henley Road runs through the centre of the village and provides good transport links with Ipswich. The road also connects the outer lying villages of Debenham and Gosbeck to the county town. Just outside the village is Rede Lane which runs down the hill to Claydon and provides access to the A14.