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ayntap    0.871315

aygehovit    0.864241

hayanist    0.860715

lusashogh    0.859172

garnahovit    0.856966

hobardzi    0.856419

bovadzor    0.852741

ayrk    0.850286

gusanagyugh    0.846110

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Gorayk Gorayk (, also Romanized as Gorayk’; formerly, Bazarchay) is a village and rural community (municipality) in the Syunik Province of Armenia. The National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia (ARMSTAT) reported its population as 580 in 2010, down from 632 at the 2001 census. A large reservoir called Spandarian Reservoir lies to the southeast of the village.
Goris Throughout its history, Goris has been known as Kores and Gorayk. However, there are several explanations for the origin of the name. It is supposed that the name "Goris" is derived from the Indo-European prelanguage words "gor" (rock), "es" (to be), i.e. Goris/Kores meaning a rocky place. There was a dwelling in the ancient times in the same area of the town.
Vorotan Cascade Spandaryan Reservoir is located southeast of Gorayk, in Spandaryan in the Vorotan River basin. It is connected to Arpa River and Arpa River basin by a long tunnel. It reportedly has a breeding colony of lesser kestrels, the only known in Armenia.