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intermetatarsal    0.666410

irideocorneal    0.658819

cerebellopontine    0.623417

dihydral    0.621146

iridocorneal    0.615495

costophrenic    0.611917

explementary    0.589140

antetorsion    0.582300

iridocornealis    0.582082

rubesis    0.579646

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for gonial

Article Example
Angle of the mandible The angle of the mandible (gonial angle) is located at the posterior border at the junction of the lower border of the ramus of the mandible.
Cephalometric analysis Analysis developed by Joseph Jarabak in 1972. The analysis interprets how the craniofacial growth may affect the pre and post treatment dentition. The analysis is based on 5 points: Nasion (Na), Sella (S), Menton (Me), Go (Gonion) and Articulare (Ar). They together make a Polygon on a face when connected with lines. These points are used to study the anterior/posterior facial height relationships and predict the growth pattern in the lower half of the face. Three important angles used in his analysis are: 1. Saddle Angle - Na, S, Ar 2. Articular Angle - S-Ar-Go, 3. Gonial Angle - Ar-Go-Me.
Distraction osteogenesis In 2016 a systematic review of papers describing bone and soft tissue outcomes of DO procedures on the lower jawbone was published; the authors had planned to do a meta-analysis but found the studies were too poor in quality and too heterogeneous to pool. From what they were able to generalize, the authors found there was significant relapse in the vertical plane for bone, and a higher risk of relapse when there was an initial high gonial angle or Jarabak ratio (sella–gonion/nasion–menton). For soft tissue, little evidence was available regarding the vertical dimension, while a 90% correspondence between skeletal and soft tissue was found for sagittal positioning; the dental-to-soft tissue agreement was around 20%.