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Gnaphalium Cudweeds are important foodplants for American painted lady caterpillars.
Gnaphalium "Gnaphalium" species are known to contain flavonoids and diterpenes. Recently, two unique caffeoyl-D-glucaric acid derivatives, leontopodic acid and leontopodic acid B formerly only known from "Leontopodium alpinum" (L.) Cass. were detected in various species of "Gnaphalium" together with similar formerly unknown compounds.
Gnaphalium Gnaphalium is a genus of flowering plants in the sunflower family, commonly called cudweeds. They are widespread and common in temperate regions, although some are found on tropical mountains or in the subtropical regions of the world.
Gnaphalium Numerous species have at one time been included in "Gnaphalium", but are now considered to belong to other genera: "Achyrocline, Aliella, Ammobium, Anaphalioides, Anaphalis, Anaxeton, Antennaria, Argyrotegium, Belloa, Berroa, Blumea, Castroviejoa, Chevreulia, Chionolaena, Chrysocephalum, Dolichothrix, Edmondia, Euchiton, Ewartia, Facelis, Filago, Galeomma, Gamochaeta, Gnomophalium, Helichrysum, Ifloga, Laphangium, Lasiopogon, Leontonyx, Leontopodium, Leucogenes, Logfia, Lucilia, Luciliocline, Metalasia, Micropsis, Neojeffreya, Novenia, Ozothamnus, Pentzia, Petalacte, Phagnalon, Pilosella, Plecostachys, Pseudognaphalium, Pterocaulon, Rhodanthe, Raoulia, Schizogyne, Staehelina, Stuckertiella, Syncarpha, Troglophyton, Vellereophyton, Xerochrysum"
Gnaphalium norvegicum "Gnaphalium norvegicum" similar to "Gnaphalium sylvaticum", heath cudweed. However it is 8 to 30 cm tall, the leaves are 3 veined, and all roughly equal in length. The leaves are also wooly/hairy on both sides.
Gnaphalium sylvaticum The flower heads are 6mm long. The bracts of the flower heads have a green centre, and chaffy brown edges. The florets are pale brown. The achenes are hairy with reddish pappus hairs.
Gnaphalium ecuadorense Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist montane forests.
Gnaphalium sepositum Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist montane forests.
Gnaphalium affine This is an ingredient for a kind of xôi- xôi khúc in Vietnam and people usually use it for treatment of common cough.
Gnaphalium uliginosum It is a very woolly annual, growing 4–20 cm tall.