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Kunzea glabrescens Kunzea glabrescens is a species of Western Australian shrub known by the common name spearwood. The plant is also known as Native Tea and by the Noongar people as Kitja Boorn, Boorndil or Condil.
Puya glabrescens Puya glabrescens is a species in the genus "Puya". This species is endemic to Bolivia.
Quercus glabrescens "Quercus glabrescens" is a tree up to 15 meters tall with thick leathery leaves up to 11 cm long, elliptical or egg-shaped with a few wavy lobes along the edges.
Sorbus glabrescens Sorbus glabrescens (white-fruited rowan) is a species of rowan native to Yunnan in China.
Sorbus glabrescens Outside of its native range, it is widely grown as an ornamental tree for its decorative white fruit in western Europe and the Pacific Northwest of North America. In the past, plants in cultivation were commonly misidentified as, or treated as synonyms of, "Sorbus hupehensis", a species from further north in China (Hubei) that also has white fruit. "S. hupehensis" may be distinguished by its slender shoots; it is much less common in cultivation.
Adenanthos glabrescens There are botanical collections attributable to this species dating back at least to 1924, but it was not until 1978 that Ernest Charles Nelson published the species in his comprehensive taxonomic revision of the genus. Nelson based the species on a type specimen collected by himself from a sand ridge on the western edge of Lake King in 1973, giving it the specific epithet "glabrescens", from the botanical term "glabrescent", meaning "losing hairs"; this is a reference to the leaf indumentum, which, unlike that of "A. dobsonii", does not persist.
Spathelia glabrescens Spathelia glabrescens is a species of plant in the Rutaceae family. It is endemic to Jamaica.
Freziera glabrescens Freziera glabrescens is a species of plant in the Pentaphylacaceae family. It is endemic to Bolivia.
Galium glabrescens Four subspecies are currently recognized (May 2014):
Madhuca glabrescens Madhuca glabrescens is a plant in the Sapotaceae family. It grows as a tree up to tall, with a trunk diameter of up to . The bark is reddish brown. Inflorescences bear up to six flowers. The fruit is yellowish-brown, ellipsoid, up to long. The specific epithet "" is from the Latin meaning "becoming glabrous", referring to the leaves. Its habitat is lowland mixed dipterocarp forest. "M. glabrescens" is endemic to Borneo.