Top 10 similar words or synonyms for gibair

sinmokdong    0.542765

transeuropa    0.506229

distopia    0.505906

nymphaeoides    0.491307

transdevtsl    0.490971

transgeraldton    0.490168

chriscunard    0.484611

komaggas    0.482903

aramachi    0.481648

maytree    0.480775

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for gibair

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Article Example
GB Airways During World War II, the airline represented Imperial Airways/BOAC and in 1947 began its relationship with the newly created British European Airways (BEA). BEA began flying between London and Gibraltar, connecting with Gibraltar Airways' flights to Morocco. BEA took a 49% stake in the airline, which began trading as GibAir, and the London Heathrow to Gibraltar service was jointly operated by the two carriers. Although BEA merged with BOAC to form British Airways in 1974, the financial and operational relationship with GibAir continued.
GB Airways Meanwhile, GibAir continued to operate its own services from Gibraltar, primarily to Morocco, and also began charter flights to Portugal and France. Douglas DC-3s were operated on these services. In 1960 the airline was headquartered in the Cloister Building in Gibraltar.