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One from the GHL Nathan Alterman wrote this poem in his weekly column in the daily newspaper Davar and published it in the last day of the war, in protest of the inhuman treatment of these soldiers. The poem criticizes with irony the instrumental use of the state towards the soldiers compared with pretension of the state to serve as homeland to Jewish refugees.
One from the GHL One from the GHL (Hebrew: אחד מן הגח"ל ) is a Hebrew poem, later composed as a song, written by Nathan Alterman during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war. It refers to the tens of thousands of holocaust survivals and other Jewish refugees that have immigrated to the newly created state of Israel and were immediately drafted in to the IDF and sent to the front lines with no military training. Many of the new recruits died in battle shortly after their immigration to Israel. The name of the draft is G.H.L.- Hebrew acronym for oversea draft. Overall some 20,000 newly arrived immigrants were drafted to the IDF during the war composing a third of the Israeli army manpower, some three hundreds of them died in battle.
One from the GHL Later the poem was composed as a song by Shem Tov Levy and first performed by Arik Einstein in his 1985 album "land product". It is often sung during the Israeli Remembrance Day and in ceremonies marking the 1948 war of independence.
Bank of America Home Loans Following the acquisition of Woolwich by Barclays plc, this relationship developed further, with GHL acquiring the Barclays mortgage portfolio, through a transfer of ownership of the Barclays mortgage operation in Leeds to GHL in 2003.
Griffon 2000TD hovercraft Griffon Hoverwork (GHL) of Hythe, England has designed, manufactured and operated hovercraft for over 40 years.
Golden Horseshoe Junior Hockey League In 2005-06, the GHL allowed another former NEJHL team, the Wheatfield Jr. Blades, to participate in the league.
Bank of America Home Loans In November 2005, Barclays announced that it intended to terminate the third party administration arrangement with GHL and bring the mortgage originations and servicing operations back in-house. This resulted in Countrywide buying out Barclays' remaining 30% stake in GHL. Barclays brought the operation back in-house in February 2006.
Global Hockey League The GHL would eliminate the red line, move the goals three feet further from the end boards, play two thirty-minute periods (instead of three twenty-minute periods) and decide tie games with penalty shots. The GHL would have a salary cap between $2.1 and $2.5 million per team per season.
Global Hockey League But like most fledgling sports loops, the Global Hockey League experienced many challenges during the organization stages. By May the Albany franchise had withdrawn from the GHL due to differences between the Admirals owner and league directors, and the GHL was unable to solidify their planned franchise in Southern California. However, they were able to add markets in more US cities, and they moved their timetable for a European Division to the inaugural season.
WGHL On October 13, 2014, WESI flipped to classic hits as "The New 105.1 GHL-FM, Louisville's Greatest Hits". The call letters were changed to WGHL on October 16, 2014.