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rasqx    0.737878

ggggx    0.732122

gxg    0.725134

gxy    0.719231

gggx    0.718574

gyx    0.709923

yadsvkg    0.704042

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Spidroin Some of the differences observed between spidroin 1 and spidroin 2 (the most important major ampullate spidroins) are the proline content, which is very low in the first one but significant in the second one, and the motifs. Motif (GGX)n is characteristic in spidroin 1, while GPG and QQ are typical in spidroin 2.
Gold's Gym Today, Gold's Gym claims to be the largest chain of unisex gyms in the world, with more than 700 locations in 37 U.S. states and Washington, D.C., as well as 20 other countries. Gold's Gym has a membership of more than three and a half million, split almost equally between male and female patrons. Gold's Gym locations are equipped with cardiovascular and strength training equipment and offer group exercise classes such as group cycling, pilates, Latin dance, yoga, and stretching through the company program of GGX (Gold's Group Exercise). Many gyms also offer basketball courts, swimming pools, and boxing studios.
Spidroin Major ampullate spidroins are large proteins with an extension of 250-350 kDa, with an average of 3500 amino acids. They represent a polymeric organization, mostly based on highly homogenized tandem repeats. There are 100 tandem copies of 30 to 40 amino acids which repeat sequence and they represent more than 90% of the protein sequence. Alanine and glycine residues are the most abundant. Alanine appears in blocks of six to fourteen units that form β-sheets. These alanine blocks can stack to create crystalline structures in the fiber, linking different protein molecules together. Glycine is present in different motifs, such as GGX and GPGXX (where X = A, L, Q, or Y), that also have specific secondary structures (3 10 helix and β-spiral, respectively). Glycine-rich regions are more amorphous and contribute to extensibility and flexibility.