Top 10 similar words or synonyms for gestated

liveborn    0.701743

conceptuses    0.698043

foetuses    0.678925

superovulated    0.659686

inseminated    0.657960

inseminating    0.653978

gestating    0.651976

fertilised    0.650700

ovulate    0.642022

hermaphrodite    0.639871

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for gestated

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Article Example
Jules Vallès "Jacques Vingtras" was not written in composed sessions but gestated during the bitter exile following the Paris Commune.
Miss Arrow On a related note, Spider-Man had earlier met up with Beast at an old church, where they discovered that the Other's cocoon made entirely of webbing was empty; whatever gestated in there had been long gone.
Beta Colony Three-fourths of all Betan children are gestated in artificial wombs, although co-parents who prefer to have their children through old-fashioned pregnancy are free to do so.
Red-cheeked dunnart The behaviour of the red-cheecked dunnart, like most "Sminthopsis" species, is not well known. They breed from October to March. Young are gestated for 15 days and weaned at 65–70 days with maturity by 4–6 months.
List of Mini-based cars In early 1990 in Facorca (Fábrica de Motores y Carrocerías Cordillera) in the factory located on Mariara (Carabobo State, Venezuela), have the idea of building Minis made of Fiber-Glass is gestated.
Drona Dronacharya married Kripi, the sister of Kripa, the royal teacher of the princes of Hastinapura. Like Drona himself, Kripi and her brother had not been gestated in a womb, but outside the human body. Kripi and Drona had a son, Ashwatthama; Drona did penance so that his son would be as valiant as Shiva.
Academia Brasileira de Médicos Escritores Since then, a group formed by Matheus Vasconcelos himself and more Marco Aurelio Caldas Barbosa, Miguel Callile Junior, Tito de Abreu Fialho, Maria José Werneck, Luiz de Araujo Gondim Lins, Perilo Galvão Peixoto and Syllos Sant'anna Reis went to meet as the organizing committee of the academy then gestated.
Crossover thrash Especially early on, crossover thrash had a strong affinity with skate punk, but gradually became more and more the province of metal audiences. The scene gestated at a Berkeley club called Ruthie's, in 1984. The term "metalcore" was originally used to refer to these crossover groups.
The Dagda The Dagda had an affair with Bóand, wife of Elcmar. In order to hide their affair, Dagda made the sun stand still for nine months; therefore their son, Aengus, was conceived, gestated and born in one day. He, along with Bóand, helped Aengus search for his love.
Aengus The Dagda had an affair with the river goddess Boann, wife of Nechtan. To hide her pregnancy, the Dagda made the sun stand still for nine months so that Aengus was conceived, gestated and born in one day. Midir was his foster-father.