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Casanova (restaurant) Casanova is located in a former house. They serve French and Italian food. The restaurant was co-owned by Walter Georis and his brother, Gaston Georis. In 2015, Walter took full ownership of the restaurant. The wine director is Jeff Birkemeier and the executive chef is David Baron. The restaurant is dog friendly and allows dog owners to order whatever they want off the menu to feed their dogs.
The Sandals There have been two reunions to date: in 1992, the Georis brothers and Blakeley reformed the band, and released a few albums, most notably working on "The Endless Summer II". They also rerecorded (in 1992) the original album (that includes a few new songs) using some of the original instruments. In 2002, the Georis', Blakeley, Gibson, and Brawner played at the Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana, California, to a packed house.
The Sandals Soon after the release of the "Last of the Ski Bums" album, the group broke up. The Georis brothers went on to start a restaurant in Carmel, California; Danny Brawner worked for Mobile Surfboards. John Blakeley remained involved in music, joining Stoneground in 1971.
Bassma Kodmani She is also the recipient of the 2011 Raymond Georis Prize for Innovative Philanthropy established by the Mercator Fund “a prize honouring outstanding contributions to European philanthropy” for the role of her organization the Arab Reform initiative in promoting democracy in the context of the Arab Spring.
Carmel Valley Village, California Carmel Valley Village has a number of wine tasting rooms, as well as several high-end hotels affiliated with the wineries. Wineries with tasting rooms in Carmel Valley include Bernardus, Boëté, Chateau Julien, Chateau Sinnet, Folktale, Galante, Georis, Heller Estate, Joullian Village, Joyce Vineyards, Parsonage, San Saba and Talbott. A public bus, called the Grapevine Express Route 24 and run by Monterey-Salinas Transit, stops at most of these tasting rooms.