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Article Example
GeneCards For a particular GeneCard, it is consist of the following contents.
GeneCards Since the 1980s, sequence information has become increasingly abundant, many laboratories realized this and started to store these information in the central repositories- the primary database.
GeneCards GeneDecks is a novel analysis tool to identify similar or partner genes, which provides a similarity metric by highlighting shared descriptors between genes, based on GeneCards’ unique wealth of combinatorial annotations of human genes.
GeneCards Categories involve Protein-coding, Pseudo genes, RNA genes, Genetic Loci, Gene clusters and Uncategorized. The default option is searching for all categories. GIFtS is the GeneCards Inferred Functionality Scores, which gives objective numbers to show the knowledge level about the functionality of human genes. It includes High, Medium, Low or you can give custom range. Symbol Sources include HGNC (HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee), EntrezGene (gene-centered information at NCBI), Ensembl, GeneCards RNA genes, CroW21 and so on.
GeneCards It has developed a set of GeneCards suit, which are focus one more specific purposes. "GeneNote and GeneAnnot for transcriptome analyses, GeneLoc for genomic locations and markers, GeneALaCart for batch queries and GeneDecks for finding functional partners and for gene set distillations."
GeneCards GeneCards can be freely accessed by non-profit institution for educational and research purpose at and academic mirror sites. Commercial usage requires a license.
GeneCards GeneALaCart is a gene-set-orientated batch-querying engine based on the popular GeneCards database. It allows retrieval of information about multiple genes in a batch query.
GeneCards The GeneLoc suit member presents an integrated human chromosome map, which is very important for designing a custom-made capture chip, based on data integrated by the GeneLoc algorithm. GeneLoc includes further links to GeneCards, NCBI's Human Genome Sequencing, UniGene, and mapping resources.
GeneCards GeneCards is a database of human genes that provides genomic, proteomic, transcriptomic, genetic and functional information on all known and predicted human genes. It is being developed and maintained by the Crown Human Genome Center at the Weizmann Institute of Science.
GeneCards Currently, the version 3 gather information from more than 90 database resources based on a consolidated gene list and this process can be conducted offline.