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Article Example
Ofir Gendelman In 1998, Gendelman joined the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an analyst on Palestinian affairs at the ministry's Center for Political Analysis, which is the foreign ministry's political intelligence bureau. In 2001 he joined the diplomatic training program at the ministry and graduated as a political officer with the rank of Second Secretary. Later that year he was appointed as the first ever foreign ministry spokesman to the Arab media, a role he fulfilled during the peak of the Second Intifada.
Zvi Gendelman He enlisted in the IDF naval special forces unit of the Israeli Navy, Shayetet 13. After an injury, he moved to the Armored Corps, where he was trained as a fighter and in a tank commander's course. Subsequently he completed an Officers Course and was a tank commander. In Operation Litani (1978) Gendelman, as a company commander, led the forces in the occupation of the town Bint Jbeil. During the Lebanon War he was the brigade operations officer. At the end of the war he became 7th Armored Brigade officer and eventually the regiment commander. Gendelman served as commander of 460th Brigade and in 1996 was promoted to brigadier general, and was the bang division commander, and the commander of the company and battalion commanders course. In 1999, he was appointed as a commander of the 36th Division, having served in that capacity for two years.
Ofir Gendelman In 2009, Gendelman took a leave of absence from the foreign ministry and moved to the private sector where he became the founding CEO of the Israeli-Palestinian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IPCC). In this role he worked to bring together Israeli and Palestinian businesspeople and companies and helped in creating joint ventures. In April 2010 he joined the Prime Minister's Office as its first ever spokesperson to the Arab world.
Zvi Gendelman In 2003 he was appointed as Military attaché in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Finland; a position he held until 2006.
Ofir Gendelman Gendelman was appointed as Consul and Second Secretary at the Israeli Embassy to Canada In 2003 and served there until 2007. He returned to Israel, assuming the role of deputy director of the Arab press and public diplomacy division of the foreign ministry. In 2008 he became the division's director and in this capacity was responsible to crafting and managing the foreign ministry's public diplomacy campaigns to the Arab world and served also as the ministry's spokesman to the Arab media.