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hog_deer    0.889593

tiger_panthera_tigris    0.886770

porcinus    0.885695

capped_langur    0.883359

sloth_bear_melursus_ursinus    0.882268

eld_deer    0.879767

nilgiri_langur    0.878352

indian_muntjac_muntiacus    0.878272

tetracerus_quadricornis    0.876792

blackbuck_antilope_cervicapra    0.874766

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Article Example
Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve Large mammal species include tigers, leopard, wild boar, gaur ("Bos gaurus"), chital deer ("Axis axis")s, muntjac deers, sambar deer ("Cervus unicolor")s, and rhesus macaques.
Pachmarhi Large mammal species include tiger, leopard, wild boar, gaur ("Bos gaurus"), chital deer ("Axis axis"), muntjac deer, sambar deer ("Cervus unicolor"), and rhesus macaques.
Albino gaur The white-colored jungle bison is a peculiar subspecies of gaur "(Bos gaurus gaurus)". Many subspecies of gaur have been described, but only three subspecies are now recognized. Further research is required to precisely determine the taxonomy of this species.
Eastern Highlands moist deciduous forests The ecoregion is considered globally outstanding by biologists for its assemblage of large mammals, including tiger "(Panthera tigris)", wolf "(Canis lupus)", gaur "(Bos gaurus)", and sloth bear "(Melursus ursinus)". The Asian Elephant "(Elephas maximus)" has been extirpated from the ecoregion.
Satpura Range Most of the Satpura range was heavily forested; but the area has been subject to gradual deforestation in recent decades, although significant stands of forests remain. These forest enclaves provide habitat to several at risk and endangered species, including the Bengal tiger ("Panthera tigris tigris"), gaur ("Bos gaurus"), dhole ("Cuon alpinus"), sloth bear ("Melursus ursinus"), chousingha ("Tetracerus quadricornis"), and blackbuck ("Antilope cervicapra").