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Article Example
Gaths Mine The mine was first hit by the international drive against the use of asbestos. This saw the mine investing lots of money in marketing its type of asbestos white asbestos which is said to be kinder than the blue asbestos. Political interference then saw its major shareholder, Mutumwa Mawere, abandoning the mine and skipping the borders for South Africa where he is currently based. Effects of the Zimbabwean economic situation did not spare the struggling mine which led to mass exodus of its employees followed by the suspension of production.
Gaths Mine Gaths Mine is an asbestos mine in Mashava, Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe, and is located 40 km west of Masvingo city. Gaths Mine as it is now collectively known as is a combination of three mines: King Mine and the now-defunct Temeraire and Gaths. The mine once employed around 1,500 people but as it stands, production has been stopped due to operational challenges. A few employees are left at the mine doing general maintenance. As of November 2011, workers had been without a salary for three years.
Gaths Mine Population figures have been incorporated into Mashava figures.
Mashava Sadly the company has failed to sustain its poorly living workers and has therefore resorted to leasing most of its properties to outsiders and the new-comers Great Zimbabwe University. The university acquired property which includes The General Office Buildings located at Gaths Mine,which were turned into university offices, lectures rooms etc., the Cottage clinic that is located 150 meters west of the campus. At Mambo township the university acquired an approx of 40–50 houses for its students, leaving the desperate workers with no choice but to be relocated to Temeraire and King Mine, where most of the houses were not electrified, roofless and had no proper plumbing system. Gaths Mine Club and the club house, Halls and library were also leased to the University.
Mashava Coming of the university has seen many workers fleeing the fruitless company to seek job opportunities at the university. Most qualified technicians have opted to work as general hands at the university. Rumors have circulated that investors are eying their arrows at the company but recent speculations (Jan 2014) are that the company will surrender its housing property to the workers it owes money in back logs. Residential areas include Low Density – Westonlee, Eastvale, Temeraire (Low and High Density), King (Low and High Density) and Gaths (Low and High Density).