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River Garw The River Garw ("Afon Garw" in Welsh, meaning "rugged river") runs for about 12 miles from its source in the hills north of Blaengarw to the confluence with the River Ogmore and the River Llynfi at Aberkenfig. It is one of three main tributaries of the River Ogmore which runs through the town of Bridgend. It is in Wales, United Kingdom.
River Garw With most of the River Garw's course running along the floor of the river valley to which its name is given, it collects a number of tributary streams along the way. These streams are listed in order of confluence with the river from its uppermost point to its confluence with the River Ogmore.
River Garw The River Garw once contained Salmon amongst other fish. Industrialisation of the valley resulted in their loss, but they are slowly being re-introduced as part of the valley's regeneration, after the closure of the coal mines in the 1980s and the recovery of the now useful shale through a brief period of restorative opencast mining in the 1990s.
River Garw It also runs through Bryngarw Country Park - a managed and publicly owned estate and nature reserve, where many types of birds can occasionally be seen.
Garw S.B.G.C. Over the 60 years of our history we have had our highs and lows but throughout we have continued to develop young local talent. This was to bear fruit when Kevin Day's young team won the Third Division Championship in 1999 and the Second Division Championship in 2000, taking the Club for the first time in their history into the First Division, with the opportunity to play at an even higher level through the European competitions. Relegation in 2005 was followed by a "promotion win" (which was cruelly denied because of an ineligible player) under young manager Chris Wells in a remarkable turnaround in fortunes. Today the Club provides football for two Saturday teams and five mini-football sides as well as the Welsh Alliance League Division 2 and Bridgend & District League for adults. It is quite a busy and time-consuming organization and could not survive without a hard-working and dedicated Committee. We will always hold a debt of gratitude to all those who have worked hard in their own time down the years to make this Club a permanent feature in this Rugby-dominated area, but perhaps none more so than Ray Smiles, who, at 76, continues to work for the Club virtually every day.
River Garw The effects of coal mining in the valley, both from small family owned shafts and major pits alike, caused the river to become polluted and dirty with coal dust and other chemicals to the point at which it was once entirely black in colour, earning it the mainly local nickname of the "Black River".
Tyla Garw Tyla Garw is a hamlet within the parish of Llanharry in Rhondda Cynon Taf, South Wales, and is located to the west of the Afon Clun, near Pontyclun.
River Garw During periods of prolonged heavy rain, the River Garw quite commonly bursts its shallow banks, causing minor flooding in all villages along its length. As the villages are mostly up on the valley sides, this doesn't have any significant effect, save for a few places; a house that once stood next to what is now a small footbridge across the river near the children's playground on the valley floor at Pantygog was demolished some years ago due to constant flooding from the river. The river has also been known to flood the playground area at Braichycymmer, and sometimes becomes hazardous near the Llangeinor playing fields/railway crossing, and in the lower regions of Bryngarw Country Park (where it has become less of a problem due to the deepening off the river bed to these ends). Its tributary streams, one of which joins at the boundary of Pontycymer and Pantygog, can turn from mere babbling brooks to raging torrents in a matter of a few minutes, and it is not unknown for this to occur very suddenly.
Garw S.B.G.C. Garw S.B.G.C. is a football team who is currently playing in the South Wales Alliance League.
Garw S.B.G.C. The Club was formed in August, 1945, as the post-war "football boom" began to sweep the country. The long years of war, following on from the hard times of the Thirties, had resulted in a tremendous re-emergence of interest in the game and the Garw Valley was no exception. Blaengarw Workmen's Hall was the venue for a meeting of Garw Grammar School boys and the long-lost "Boneyard XI", during which it was agreed that a new, permanent Club would be formed and called "Garw Athletic". Friendly games were arranged soon after and the first of these featured Colin Williams, Billy Thomas, Robin Garfield (capt), Ivor Tucker, Roy John, Austin Morgan, Herbert Sotham, John Jones, Elved George, Gwyn Humphries and Bryn Thomas.