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Article Example
Garut The Limbangan Regency, which has now become the Garut Regency, was founded by Lieutenant-Governor Stamford Raffles on 16 February 1813. RAA. Adiwijaya, who governed from the 1813 until 1821, was the first Regent of the Garut Regency. He was well known as Dalem Cipeujueh. The town of Suci was originally the capital of the new Limbangan Regency. However it was thought that Suci did not meet the requirements of a capital because the area was crowded and quite narrow.
Garut Garut was well known before World War II, being a hill station for the Dutch elite of the region. The legendary film star Charlie Chaplin is said to have visited Garut twice. He is reported to have visited in 1927 and 1935, staying at the Grand Hotel Ngamplang in Cilawu region, a hilly resort around 3.4 kilometers from the city center.
Garut More recently, Garut is a centre of tourism in the region south of Bandung for hiking, hot spas, nearby lakes and villages, and so on. Nearby sites include the following:
Garut On 15 September 1813 the development of capital facilities and infrastructure, such as residence, the hall, office assistant resident, mosques, and square was started. In front of the hall, between the town square and the hall was gotten by "Babancong" where the Regent as well as the official of the other government gave the speech in front of the public. After the place was completed earlier, the Capital of the Limbangan Regency moved from Suci to Garut around 1821. Based on the Governor General Decree No: 60 dated May 7, 1913, the name of the Limbangan Regency was replaced to the Garut Regency and had a capital the Garut city on July 1, 1913. At that time, the Regent was RAA is Wiratanudatar (1871–1915). Garut city at that time covering the three villages, namely Kota Kulon (West City) village, the Kota Wetan (East City) Village, and Margawati Village. The Garut Regency covered Garut districts, Bayongbong, Cibatu, Tarogong, Leles, Balubur Limbangan, Cikajang, Pakenjeng, Bungbulang and Pameungpeuk. In the year 1915, RAA Wiratanudatar replaced by his nephew of Adipati Suria Karta Legawa (1915–1929). On August 14, 1925, a decision based on the Governor General, Garut Regency government passed a stand-alone (autonomous).
Garut Dapros is a kind of colorful chips with a bloom rose shape.
Garut To Facilitate the tourists who wants to explore Garut tourism destination, there are tour operator company whom can be contacted. One of them is Zigra Wisata. This is an experienced tour operator for Garut Regency.
Garut Leupeut is another kind of rice. Packed with banana leave. It is often used as a substitution of rice while traveling.
Garut Garut is in a valley surrounded by various volcanoes. The most well known is Mount Galunggung which experienced a major eruption in 1982. Following the eruption, over 60 people died and much damage was done to the agricultural sector and infrastructure in the region. Other nearby volcanoes are Mount Talagabodas (around 2,200 meters), Mount Guntur (around 2,250 meters), and Mount Cikurai (over 2,900 meters).
Garut Dorokdok (Skin Crackers). "Dorokdok" is usually made from dried Water Buffalo's skin. The only way to make it is to fry the dried skin. "Dorokdok" is popular because it is crunchy and salty.
Garut Chocodot is a mixture of Chocolate and Dodol. It's a new emerging brand for souvenir snack from Garut.