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Galinha Pintadinha In 2013 the animated music videos premiered on Netflix in several countries including in the United States, Canada and Spanish Latin American countries. In 2015 his studio occupied the 89th position as one of the 150 biggest licensed brands in the world, ranking published by the British magazine "License! Global".
Galinha Pintadinha The songs revolve around the title character Galinha Pintadinha, a cartoon chicken and their friends from nursery rhymes, in animated music videos made in flash animation. They were phenomena in DVD sales during the early 2010s to be released and publicized nationally by Som Livre becoming well known among children with clowns Patati Patatá.
Galinha Pintadinha According to Associação Brasileira dos Produtores de Discos, the second DVD was the 6th biggest selling in 2010 DVD and 17th best-selling in 2011 in Brazil.
Galinha Pintadinha Since the release of their second album the character had a pretty big growth in children's media in Brazil. Many toys, backpacks, CDs, books and supplies for babies have been launched over the years. The characters also have achieved media for Smartphones with music applications and interactive games such as "PoChickenPo".
Galinha Pintadinha Galinha Pintadinha, (English translation: Little Dappled Chicken) known also as "Lottie Dottie Chicken" is a Brazilian project for children's music, created by Juliano Prado and Marcos Luporini, and animated by "Bromelia Produções". The songs are originally in Portuguese and are getting millions of downloads on YouTube. Some of the songs have been already translated into Spanish and English.
Galinha Pintadinha Also released several products based on the characters as toys, books and apps for smartphones.
Pedra da Galinha Choca The formation is in the Quixadá Monoliths Natural Monument, a fully protected area.
Pedra da Galinha Choca Until the early twentieth century was called the "Pedra da Arara" (Arara's Stone).
Canja de galinha is usually consumed by Brazilians, Portuguese and Cape Verdeans when they have a cold. In Portugal, Cape Verde and Brazil, is widely believed to help a person overcome colds, digestive problems, and other mild forms of sickness. Interestingly enough, in Cape Verde, is sometimes served after the funeral, at the home of the deceased, perhaps because it "soothes" the heart. It is also served in that country during special occasions, such as New Year's Eve, birthdays, and other special family events.
Galinha à africana Raimund Pichlmaier, president of the Macau Culinary Association, says the dish was created "by a chef named Americo Angelo, who worked at a small hotel called Pousada de Macau. Mr. Angelo was inspired, says Mr. Pichlmaier, by a trip to one of the former Portuguese colonies in Africa."