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Joshua Harris (pastor) In 1997 Harris moved from Oregon to Gaithersberg, MD to be a "pastoral intern."
Dick Brass In 1997, Brass joined Microsoft, serving as corporate vice president. He was responsible for the development of ClearType and led the project to develop the company's tablet PC and e-book. In October 1998, during his keynote speech at the world's first ebook conference in Gaithersberg, MD, Brass proposed the Open Ebook (OEB) standard, which was adopted by most of the pioneering e-book publishers. It became the basis for the organization and formatting of most e-books in the world today and evolved into the popular ePub format in 2007. Brass was recognized for this contribution with an award for meritorious service from the government's National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). Brass also led the company's Emerging Technology group and its automotive software unit. He retired in 2004.