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Himantarium gabrielis Himantarium gabrielis is a species of centipede in the family Himantariidae.
Himantarium gabrielis This species is widely distributed in the Mediterranean region. It can be found in Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, the Republic of Macedonia, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, and Switzerland.
Himantarium gabrielis "Himantarium gabrielis" can reach a length around . The head is small and lacks eyes, but has two tentacles with 14 segments. On the dorsal side of the last trunk segment are longitudinal and transversal wide sulci resembling a cross. The body is yellowish to orange in colour and has up to 179 segments, with a pair of legs each. The number of legs is very variable, usually leg-bearing segments vary from 87 to 171 in males and from 95 to 179 in females.
Himantarium gabrielis When disturbed, this species emits viscous and proteinaceous secretions from the sternal glands. It feeds on various invertebrates. It can be found under stones or in galleries into the ground. The females protect their eggs with the body until the hatching of their young.
Aleksandre Chivadze Aleksandre Gabrielis dze Chivadze () (born 8 April 1955 in Klukhori), is a former and and coach.
East-East Tadas Balčiūnas, Vytautas Biekša, Marius Kanevičius; Jūras Balkevičius, (late) Vytautas Čekanauskas, Lina Masliukienė, Marius Šaliamoras, Algirdas Umbrasas; Kęstutis Pempė, Gytis Ramunis; Darius Čiuta, Gintaras Auželis; Alvydas Šeibokas, Gabrielis Malžinskas; Andrius Skiezgelas, Aleksandras Kavaliauskas, Martynas Nagelė; Kęstutis Lupeikis.
Domenico Gabrielli Domenico Gabrielli (15 April 1651 or 19 October 1659 – 10 July 1690) was an Italian Baroque composer and virtuoso cello player. He was apparently not related to the Venetian Gabrielis (Andrea and Giovanni).
Music of Venice Venice developed a distinctive tradition of church music. There were services with elaborate music at St Mark's Basilica and other buildings in the city. The seminal Venetian composer to emerge from this creative milieu was Claudio Monteverdi (see "Vespers" 1610). Others were Andrea Gabrieli and Giovanni Gabrieli, both known for antiphonal compositions of brass music, derived for the acoustics of the Basilica. The Gabrielis established the pinnacle of brass antiphonal effect with double and triple choirs, complete with dynamic markings, and spatial location direction. Brass players to this day remain indebted to the Gabrielis for their contributions to the literature. The "Sacrae Symphoniae" (1597) and "Canzoni" (1608) are among the first published works of music.
Peter Bassano He was assistant conductor to Paul McCreesh and his Gabrieli Consort and Players on the award winning Venetian Coronation and Music at San Rocco and Sir John Eliot Gardiner for his Berlioz Romeo and Juliet recording projects. His recording of music by the early Bassanos and the musical associates of Giovanni Bassano the Gabrielis Andrea and Giovanni) and Monteverdi, Venice Preserved on the ASV label received critical acclaim.
Baldassare Donato Donato's sacred music is the most conservative portion of his output, usually using polyphony in the Palestrina style, but also using some of the grand polychoral effects of the Gabrielis. In spite of his evident disdain for Zarlino's conservatism, he clearly absorbed some of his style and teaching, as can be seen in his smooth mastery of counterpoint and Zarlinoesque use of dissonance, at least when he was deliberately composing in the Franco-Flemish style.