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Fusebox (programming) URLs within a Fusebox web application are usually of the form codice_2 where "codice_3" is the name of a circuit and "codice_4" is an XML-defined "method" within that circuit known as a fuseaction. The query-string variable name "fuseaction" can vary depending on configuration parameters, so not all applications using Fusebox need to use the action variable "fuseaction".
Mohan Bam
Smells Like Teen Punk Meat
Casey Dunmore
Martin Kutnowski
Art of Chaos 2.
Engineer's degree MIET-Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology is recognised as regulated engineering profession by virtue of the Statutory Instruments n.2007/2781-The European Communities (Recognition of Professional Qualifications) Regulation 2007-Directive European Union 2005/36/EC.
Bats & Mice In April 2010 the band announced on their MySpace page that Mark Oates had replaced Fuller as drummer for the band. A new EP is set to be released in June, followed by an East Coast tour.Bats & Mice MySpace blog post, April 17, 2010. (
Ligia Maura Costa COSTA, L.M. Battling Corruption Through CSR Codes in Emerging Markets: Oil and Gás Industry. In: RAE Eletrônica. vol. 7, n. 1, Art. 8, jan/jun 2008. available at
Miliana Kroumova Kaisheva In 1999 Kaisheva was the Bulgarian co-ordinator of the international joint Inco-Copernicus project "COPELFLOW - ERBI C 15 98 01 21" on electro-floto-coagulation after the electrolytic synthesis of Ni-SiC composite coatings, funded by the European Commission with a co-ordinator from the French side - Prof. A. Foissy from the Laboratory of Electrochemistry and Microdisperse Systems at the University of Franche-Comté, Besançon, France, and with the participation of partners from the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven, Belgium (